To all the new members, Thank You for signing up!

Regret there are many backlogged who either do not pass email or IP address checking. If You believe that You have been banned unjustly please contact me at and we can try and resolve the issue.

Anyone should be able to access the forums, whether member or not; membership just provides posting, comments, and questions power.

For every donor, a big belated THANK YOU; we have not sent out individual notes of gratitude, but please know that Your generosity is very much appreciated by me and every member (and non-member) using this forum!

This is not a plea for more donations and in fact we do not yet have the updated options for this function.

KA has not been very active due to Face Book groups that are perhaps easier for some people to use. Last week the forum was down for a few days; we had to reconnect to the server, because there were some maintenance issues. Thank You for Your patience.