I haven't been out here for years, so here goes.....
I noticed starting last year (2019) that my AS was real bad along with other people I knew with Lupus and other Auto-immune conditions. Anyone else notice this?

I was having trouble keeping my knees from swelling. I was on Humira, wasn't working as well as it has in the past, turns out I developed anti-bodies to it. Switched back to Enbrel (stopped 10 years ago because of iritis), had a neurological reaction and lost the use of my hand. Then developed an ongoing low grade fever and became anemic hb was down to 9. My sed rate was 90 and above, CRP was above 35. Switched to Cosyntex and not much better. Stopped Cosyntex, and all of a sudden Everything is within range. Kind of a weird condition. I wonder if I was exposed to Covid last year, because I was tutoring Asian Students. I'm going to get tested.

Hope everyone is well, I promise to get out here more often.

Don CA