(I hope it's ok asking it here)

I was diagnosed about a couple of years ago with AS - peripheral AS to be exact with major symptoms being swelling and pain in ankles and left knee. MRI revealed the bottom 5 vertebraes had fused together. Was given Adalipca as any of the DMARDs did not work. I was able to walk after that, and only occasionally felt pain, but now I cannot run, and any sudden change in balance really hurts the lower back. Is it normal? Would I ever be able to gain running ability again?

Of course there is pain when I sit for too long but that has been common since last 18 months post Adalipca helped recovery.

Lastly, the immunity. I now have minor infections which takes days to go away. Would it be like that always?

Thank you for all the help. I hope this is not repetitive given everyone would have these questions when dealing with AS.

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