Hello Kickers,

Quickly checking in and hope to get back here more. A lot has transpired since I was posting frequently.

Mateo will be 11 years old in Feb... may seem like he was just born not to long ago to the long time posters here. Will finish 5th grade in December... and he is bi-lingual already (English/Spanish). If anyone has dinosaur questions he probably has the answer.

I turned 50 in September... so officially over 1/2 my life AS has been a companion. My wife turns 50 in December, so I will have company in the 1/2 century club (and my brother in Aug 2019).

AS for most part is doing well, so cannot complain too much on that front.

Went to Disney for first time in my life in Orlando last Feb with family... have to say it exceeded my expectations. The show at the Magic Kingdom at night was unforgettable.

Went to the Iguazo Falls on Argentina/Brazil border in August when my mother came down.. definite must if anyone ever travels to Argentina/Brazil.

Take care Kickers


AS may win some battles, but I will win the war.

KONK - Keep ON Kicking