Posted By: Magician Electromyography (EMG) test - 10/01/21 04:03 AM
Hello everyone! In two weeks I go for EMG testing.

I am sorta freaking; scared of the pain and also what they will discover.

I do not have leg weakness or arm weakness. I do have carpal tunnel for many years. Diagnosed yet not treated for it. Tired of numb fingers when carrying anything.

Is this something you yourself were tested for and how painful was it? I am most scared of having a leg cramp when being tested. That would be horrid.

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering. smile
Posted By: Robin_H Re: Electromyography (EMG) test - 10/27/21 01:23 AM
following this thread!

My internal medicine doctor wanted to do nerve testing almost two years go. I cancelled the appointment b/c I felt that it would not show anything despite having neuropathy.

These days the neuropathy has spread and intensified along with "arthritis-like" symptoms.

I've spent much time going over events in life that would trigger neuropathy and arthritis phenomena. I am not convinced diseases due to epigenetic changes persist even after environmental triggers are eliminated -- heavy metal detoxification and infection burden reduced. I suspect, or hope, that there are cases of chronic diseases like MS caused by stealth infections that can't be found or successfully treated. I guess that is a bit like believing in life after death and karma.

Can't live forever. I wish that I was a Klingon. I am reminded of that movie starring Dabney Coleman titled "Short Time"