Posted By: Dotyisle Coronavirus - 03/14/20 01:59 AM
Hello Kickers,

Lots of news regarding coronavirus all over and all the time. Couple of days after returning from vacations we had first case in Argentina. We are up to 30 total and 2 deaths now... for now none in city where I live.

Hope everyone is safe and not impacted by this new virus. I am washing hands often already. Expectation in 1-2 weeks work will be all work from home.

Stay safe...

Posted By: Magician Re: Coronavirus - 03/14/20 02:44 PM
It is hitting my Province hard. People are just panicking! No toilet paper, hand sanitizer, baby wipes available. Store shelves are bare with reports canned goods running out. Bottled water is also running out. I think this simply reaction shopping. News reports and constant Corona virus warnings are causing a lot of anxieties. Stay safe everyone!
Posted By: bilko Re: Coronavirus - 03/15/20 11:27 AM
Report in the paper today that French medics are advising that anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen make covid-19 worse. If affected by the illness paracetamol is a better bet. Those prescribed NSAIDs for their AS will need to consult their doctors.
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Coronavirus - 03/15/20 12:58 PM
Thanks for that note Bilko

We are now at 43 cases in Argentina... 1st in Rosario where I am at. Still all but 3 cases are from individuals returning from trips outside the country.

Some of the thinking is still... since we are ending summer and still have warm temperatures, may slow/inhibit the spreading somewhat. As noted by many here... theory will be tested soon as temperatures are dropping.

Government today considering closing all schools already. Will learn later today.

Talked with my mom last night... in Wisconsin classes closed for 5 weeks. And like stated above... a lot of items not in the grocery stores on the shelves.

Stay safe everyone.

Posted By: mulehound Re: Coronavirus - 03/16/20 12:34 AM
You can't find toilet paper in the small town I live in. Out of state folks showed up in trucks trailers and bought it all. Water going fast to.
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Coronavirus - 03/31/20 12:31 AM
Hope all the Kickers are safe with the virus.

We have been in national quarantine for over 1 week now, can only leave for food and pharmacy and to take out the garbage. Go out maybe every other day to get food or take out garbage. Have not been more than a block from my house in that time and expect it to stay like this for quite a while here.

Talk to my mom often up in Wisconsin.

Be safe everyone!