Posted By: cemc enthesitis - interesting review - 03/30/11 11:09 PM
Entheses, enthesitis and enthesopathy (Autumn 2009)

This was put out by the Arthritis Research UK, and is a referenced article.
Posted By: MollyC1i Re: enthesitis - interesting review - 03/31/11 12:27 AM
Thanks for posting that paper cemc. Very interesting - think this is what is going on with my it may settle down (the other knee eventually did - only took some 4 months!) in which case I will wait.

Shows that they are still working fairly much in the dark. Also of interest, was the comment on inflammatory markers in the blood, not always found. Exactly as my rheumy said.

Good paper. Thanks again.
Posted By: Inanna Re: enthesitis - interesting review - 03/31/11 01:32 PM
Thanks for posting this. Very interesting, indeed. I already knew that biologics didn't halt progression of the disease in AS, but now I sort of kind of understand why.

Warm hugs,
Posted By: Michelle70605 Re: enthesitis - interesting review - 03/31/11 02:35 PM
I was never led to believe that biologics would stop my disease, only that it would hopefully slow the forward progression of the there is NO CURE for AS... Now, when I participated in the Enbrel clinical trials, I was told they were looking for a cure...