Posted By: MORPHEUS Coffee = Leaky Gut = Starch sensitivity - 12/11/20 09:26 AM
Hi, I hope you all feel good, even though winter is not a good friend for the majority of AS-kickers
I want to remind you and share my experience with coffee ... For a long time I was a constant consumer of coffee, and contrary to all that was said I did not think that my daily intake of coffee it wil hurt me, because I felt good mentally and even physically hours after i consumed it ... The problem and the great difficulty was to notice that,even the symptoms of AS they did not appear immediately after drinking coffee,the mood of well-being deteriorates over time and foods that seemed safe, became unsafe and the body's reaction was more aggressive the more coffee i consumed .... As for most people, coffee in the past was a treat for me, even a vice (if I can says so) so i refused to believe that it could hurt me...The final conclusion i whant to share it with you is that i noticed there is a close connection between leakygut - a symptom aggravated by coffee/caffeine regular consumption and food sensitivity ...

ps: The diet works well even after more than 6 years, big THANK YOU John (Dragonslayer) for what you did for A.S community- you are a life-saver.

Thank You, MORPHEUS:

I appreciate Your kindness.

Regret Your experiences with coffee! I do not understand this very well, but perhaps some people develop a sensitivity to it. I wonder whether You took coffee with milk products and sugar? We have been warned against adding cream to coffee as this combination can promote ulcers, so You are on to something.

I've never been a coffee drinker; just never liked the taste and could not understand that something so bitter that required so much doctoring to become palatable could be a reasonable drink. But I have my own vices in Diet Coke I suppose!

Keep on Kickin' my friend!

Posted By: MORPHEUS Re: Coffee = Leaky Gut = Starch sensitivity - 12/16/20 01:15 PM
As far as i know,i don't have any intolerance to coffee, i did not have any bad reaction straight away after i drink it…
My daily dose of coffee was 1-2 small cups of coffee daily (mostly espresso) no milk, no sugar, no sweeteners, only grounded coffee &hot water... All this time my level of inflammation fluctuate quite a lot, depending on how much I was eating & paying attention to the borderline foods that normaly don’t create problems for me, such as: NS fruits, cooked broccoli, eggs etc.
Foods that seemed relatively safe: watermelons, cherries, pineapples, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc. became a problem and triggered pain and stiffness & i did not understand what i did wrong.... The more coffee i drank, the less diverse foods i could eat without problems ... I decided to gave up the cofee and after a few weeks/months the guts probably become more healtier and now i can eat the regular n.s. "safe" foods without the feear of a flare up….
So, If the goal is to heal your gut i will recomend you to stay away from coffee.... drink TEA instead

ps: there are quite a few websites that are drawing attention about coffee perpetuate the leaky gut sindome…

Posted By: gbash Re: Coffee = Leaky Gut = Starch sensitivity - 12/18/20 03:48 PM
I've been a heavy coffee drinker for decades. I've been battling AS for the past 30 years. In all that time, I've never noticed any correlation between coffee and flare-ups. I've traced all my flares to starch and overexertion. The same holds true for eggs, dairy, and sugar.

When I first started the AS diet, I cut out all caffeine, dairy, sugar, and eggs. I definitely felt better, but then I was miserable over such an unhealthy and bland diet. After months (and the loss of too much weight), I started adding in some dairy, then eggs, and then sugar (in moderation). None of those caused any flares. I started coffee again with no flares. I then tried various starch items, but they would always cause flares.

So, whatever is true for one person may not hold true for others. Each person should figure out what works for him or her and not just rely on what others say. This trial and error can take many months of diligence, but it can make life much better in the long run.

You are a keen observer! Most people would never have the patience or methodical approach to identify this trigger. Kudos! And Thank You for the great information. After all the recent positive statements about coffee, I was considering giving it a try--perhaps better to stay away. I supplement with a lot of gut-healthy and healing stuff, always aware that here is where AS begins and ends!

Posted By: zark Re: Coffee = Leaky Gut = Starch sensitivity - 02/16/21 11:28 PM
I found that when I drank coffee I experienced a yoyo effect. It would reduce some of the stiffness for a few hours (adrenaline?) and then after it wore off I would end up even more stiff than when I started. I'm not sure if it was due to trace starch, or that it dampen my gut immunity and thereby allowed bad flora to proliferate.
Posted By: zark Re: Coffee = Leaky Gut = Starch sensitivity - 02/16/21 11:39 PM
>> I started adding in some dairy, then eggs, and then sugar (in moderation)

Watch the dairy. Especially if it is milk mixed with sugar.. I find strange reactions to dairy can creep up. such as eye pain (uveitis/iritis), foot pain, hand pain etc. Not necessarily AS per se but related.

Yoghurt, sour cream or any cultured milk is of course the safest. I can safely mix yoghurt with honey (monosaccharide is safer for me, quicker digestion).

Too much chocolate and bladder issues can arise (sugar?).
Going a bit off topic ... Recently found eating *large* amounts of leafy greens alleviates this bladder issue, eg: baby spinach leaves. So good to be rid of this problem, and have a nice natural solution. I suggest a no starch Caesar salad if anyone else has this.