Posted By: Bunyip Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 10/14/19 04:44 AM
Hi everyone!!
I'm new to KickAS. I have Reactive Arthtitis (ReA), caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae in my gut. ReA comes under the same spondyloarthropathy umbrella as AS and Crohn's..all caused by Klebsiella overgrowth.
I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist in April 2019, but decided to immediately embark on a 100% natural healing path.
My integrative medicine doctor immediately put me on AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet, inter alia, to reduce my inflammation. AIP is similar to NSD.
In the six months from April to October my blood has improved as follows:
ESR...was 38...below 30 is normal.
CRP...was 20...below 5 is normal.
My anaemia has corrected itself and ferritin levels are highest in my life history!
I am still showing signs of gut permeability, so my doctor recommended this stewed apple recipe, to be eaten daily, in an attempt to heal my gut further and further reduce inflammation...promotes Treg, reduces CRP, supresses histamine. The pectin is fermented by SCFAs (butyrates, acetates and propionates) to seal the gut and reduce permeability. The effect is cumulative, hence eating it daily.
Pears can be substituted too!
I use Cinnamomum verum powder/essential oil as Klebsiella pneumoniae DISLIKES this species of Cinnamon.
The recipe mentions is Lactobacillus rhamnosus.
The fibre provides a home for the good bacteria to thrive.

I'm looking forward to my next blood test. Hopefully this recipe helps get my inflammation back within normal range. Wouldn't that be grand? (...8 months after diagnosis to be inflammation-free and achieved 100% naturally)

I want to share this with others in the hope that my success can inspire/help others with Klebsiella/gut permeability.

Here's some homework..reading...and learning.

Thanks for reading.
I wish you all well.

For those who are interested, I'll post my next blood results (due around Christmas), after 2 months of stewed apples.
Wish me luck!!
Posted By: gypsy Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 10/14/19 10:38 PM
I just whipped up a batch and they are in the freezer now. I couldn't find Bramley, so I used Granny Smith.

Will let you know if I feel any difference

Posted By: Bel Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 11/01/19 08:37 PM
Hi Bunyip
Thanks for sharing !
Posted By: Bunyip Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 12/13/19 06:49 AM promised.
After 2 months of the stewed apple recipe, my gut health has improved slightly...most noticeable improvements are better fermentation in the gut and reduced leaky gut.
When I ate, my feet used to 'burn' inside...that feeling has gone.
When I used to drink a mug of warm/hot water, one section of my colon would feel warm a few minutes afterwards..that rarely happens now.
My Dec 2019 blood results are ESR 44, CRP 18.
The effect is meant to be cumulative so I will continue eating the stewed apple recipe hoping for more improvement.
Good health to all in 2020.
Posted By: Mike427 Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 01/29/20 02:13 AM
Hi Bunyip: Thanks for sharing your dietary findings! I have been using a recipe in Carol Sinclair's book called pork chops and apple crumble. This recipe is like a healing salve for my gut! I think it has a lot to do with the apples that are baked along with the pork chop. I will definitely give your stewed apple recipe a try! Thanks, again
Posted By: Lennie Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 04/08/20 02:56 AM
Hi Bunyip!
I am just about to make stewed apples & was rather not looking forward to it as its quite a laborious process.
After reading your amazing results I am renewed with some vigour to chop these bloody apples up!
I was just diagnosed with AS so hoping i can it the ground fast with integrative treatment. Thanks!
Posted By: Bunyip Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 02/17/21 11:15 PM
Hi everyone.
Much belated update...
Great news.. Both my ESR and CRP are back in normal range. This was tested in Aug 2020. (I was supposed to have it tested March 2020,but covid happened and I avoided the doctor and pathology, like the plague!! 😂🤣 So, my inflammation may have been normal much sooner than Aug 2020, I just didn't have proof. Although, I did sense changes in my body that made me feel hopeful that inflammation was normal again.)
Re: the laborious task of making stewed apples... I hear ya!! I, too, find it laborious. And storing it in my fridge took up too much space. So, instead of batch cooking stewed apples, I add apples to other dishes, every day. I also substitute pears, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots to provide some variety.
I find my gut prefers pears most. I notice more gut fermentation happening.
Posted By: EricaK Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health - 01/15/22 04:52 AM
That’s good news! How do you stew your fruit for best effect?