Posted By: Magician Uveitis again and I miss you guys! - 01/20/22 05:14 AM
How I wish there were others on this website! This evening I was washing my face and looked in the mirror. It is back again! My left eye's white part is Red again and my eye feels kinda prickly.

I have a call into my doctor for med refills and will tell him about my eye. Last time my eye was this way I was prescribed steroid eye drops and told I had Uveitis.

I think I have it again but then I was told last month I have Ankylosing Spondylitis instead of Spondylosis based on my having positive HLA-B27.

Wish you would all come back and bring some life to this wonderful website filled with mega Ankylosing information and good old fashioned camaraderie! The website's Security issue has been resolved and you should never see the insecure website warning again.

Thanks for reading and I do hope to begin reading your posts again. - Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and I miss you guys! - 02/04/22 11:06 AM
Angie, that so sucks! LincInNY got it, too recently. How's it feeling now?
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and I miss you guys! - 02/13/22 04:24 AM
Hi, Inanna:

My eye keeps getting red and then it goes away. Have to be careful with the timing of the steroid eyedrops as they are mixing up my Aubagio blood tests.

I was also diagnosed with Fatty Liver (week ago!) and have to begin to eat much better. I do not want it getting worse but better! I am starting the Mediterranean Diet as I feel it really suits my diet. Currently I eat almost zero vegetables, barely touch red meat (this is good!) but also have to just eat a balanced diet. I am very heavy on coffee and chocolate.

And I am now waiting for carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. (diagnosed Thursday) Oh my goodness was that test Uber painful! But I am glad I had it done so I can now get my hand taken care of.

I want to thank you for sending people over to KickAS, too. smile
- Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and I miss you guys! - 02/17/22 10:06 PM
I am sorry to hear about the fatty liver. Look into Dr Meghan Rossi. She did her PHD on the use of diet in helping Chronic Kidney Disease and she makes a lot of sense. She has a clinic in London and does research with Guys and St Thomas Hospital and with Kings College London. Brian bought me one of her books one time. I like the way she talks about things. Not specific to Fatty Liver, but might help you get your feet under when it comes to switching things up.

I am sorry that your eye keeps flaring. Trying to wean off the drops must be difficult given the blood tests. Does your ophthalmologist have any suggestions?

I hope people keep coming back to check in, Angie. KA was such an important and helpful part of our lives.

Love and LIght.
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 03/07/22 06:46 AM
I go to see my optometrist next week. Can't wait to get the eye looked at. I keep getting a 'slicing' feeling at times when I look to the side. Strange feeling.

Thank you for your suggestions for Dr. Rossi, Kat. It is appreciated smile. I am currently waiting to receive a phone call from a dietician regarding the Fatty Liver.

Have begun adding more frozen veggies to my diet. So tough to avoid chocolate, though!

So very sad KickAS is running 100%; it is secured 100% and hardly anyone is here to enjoy it.

One day at a time as they say perhaps they will come back.
Fingers are crossed.

- Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 03/07/22 04:05 PM
Optometrist or ophthalmologist? Slicing in the eye is bad. Painful doesn't come close.

See, I've decided chocolate is medicinal and, therefore, doesn't form any type of food group that should be avoixoxoded. lol I also know that's a luxury not everyone has.

I hope people do start to come back, Angie. You've worked so hard on it and it's a shame people aren't checking in. Fingers definitely crossed!

Keep me posted on your eye, OK?

Love and light,
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 03/08/22 05:24 AM
Hi Inanna! smile

Yeah it is not fun at all. The entire eye goes red, then the eye lids and the slicing feeling begins. I have had 2 people tell me I just have pink eye. I had pink eye in Grade 12 and this definitely is not it. There is no stickiness; just that slicing feeling and eye redness. Some days it kinda lightens up but a few hours later it is as red as ever.

It is an ophthalmologist I am seeing, Kat and I am hoping he will be able to help me stop this eye redness. My regular doctor is wanting to discuss Naproxen, too.

I continue to have hope other members will at least drop by. All posts made are still here for reading and reference. I know there were a few troublemakers for lack of a better way of putting it (sorry!) but the few should not mean the end of the whole.

KickAS was created to be a supportive community. Now it needs its former Forum Members to keep dropping in and just talk. I have been reading random posts and remembering the very vibrant community and genuinely missing it.

Now Security is running at 100% and KickAS' entire system has been updated.

Inanna, I am hopelessly addicted to chocolate. Can't live without it; grateful for Lactaid, too. lol

Have a good and very safe night! smile
- Angie -
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 03/16/22 01:28 AM
Hello Busy Community! Well I guess it is usually just me but I will still update whomever happens to wander by. lol

Saw my Optometrist yesterday. Had many new Fan-Dangled eye tests done. Once again he confirmed it is Uveitis.

He wanted me to go to a specialist in the Big City to the East but changed his mind when I informed him the clinic where the specialist was had been changed into a regular hospital.

Steroid eye drops again for this gal. Gotta love them for healing my baby blues. smile

Thank you for reading.

- Just a Little Ol' Magic -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 03/27/22 11:03 AM
Angie, I'm so glad you got the Uveitis properly diagnosed. Has he got you on dilation drops to keep the muscle from working? I used to have to wear an eye patch when they gave me those.

How's the eye feeling, now?

Love and light.
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 04/12/22 03:40 AM
Hello Kat:

I already had a prescription for steroid eye drops which I have begun using. Not sure how long it will take this time but I do have 6 days left to take them. smile

I was supposed to be going home to Mom's but Manitoba is getting a rotten Winter Storm and I was unable to go but we have made plans for me to go in a couple weeks to visit.

I wish you a very Happy Easter and much chocolate eggs.

Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 04/21/22 06:41 AM
Hey Angie,

I hope you had a good Easter. Ours was quiet. I'm sorry you couldn't go to your mom's. I guess snow hit everywhere pretty hard last week!!!

How's your eye? You should be off the steroid drops. Did you taper slowly?

Love and light.
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 05/04/22 03:41 AM
Hello Kat:

I only took a few of the eyedrops as they seemed to work fairly fast. My doctor had changed the prescription to just taking a couple of the drops each day rather than taking them every two hours!

It was bad enough I wasted a few of the drops when they ran down the side of the bottle. lol It sure is harder giving yourself eyedrops compared to giving another person drops.

After totally ignoring my latest course I have decided it was absolutely not for me and have switched over to Medical Secretary and Medical Billing. Both of these courses are right up my alley! smile

The website is really quiet with the occasional person registering.

At the end of the week I am vanishing to Mom and Dad's for a week of relaxation; always nice to go somewhere else. Look forward to washing Mom's dishes for her and Dad drying them.

Have a great sleep for it is 10:36 pm here and I still have a few chapters of the latest book I am reviewing to read.

- Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 05/04/22 10:36 AM
I can't believe how long its been since I was here. Things are hair-raising, these days.

I hope your eye is feeling better. How was your holiday?

Love and light.
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 05/07/22 03:44 AM
I am almost scared to asked why hair-raising? Is everything ok on your end? Hopefully things are going very well. I am going tomorrow for a week's holiday at Mom and Dad's.

After cleaning my place and packing for the day I can safely admit to feeling very tired. And I still have a tiny wee bit to finish before I can go to bed for the night. lol

My eye is feeling better. Never know when the redness will begin again but I sure will be happy if it would stay away for a long while. smile
- Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 05/12/22 08:53 AM
We have been dealing with a lot for the past nine months, one thing after another from all different directions. We're getting through but it's a slog. I'm assuming you're back from your folks now, or soon will be. I hope you've had a good visit and are feeling refreshed.

I'm glad your eye is feeling better. It really does feel touch and go as it passes, doesn't it. You're never quite sure if it's really gone.

Love and light, my friend.
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 06/09/22 05:16 AM
Hi Kat:

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last wrote to you! Could you please accept my apologies for my lateness?

I am going home to visit with my parents in a little over two weeks. It is graduation time for my nephew and I must wish him very much good luck with his graduation. I have already purchased a gift for him having decided to go for things a newly living in their first apartment bachelor needs to make cooking just that much better, quicker and easier.

Heck I even bought him a Pizza Cutter because what single young man does not love pizza? lol

And when I go home I will also take along my next course with me. I have once again neglected starting it as I have friends who always seem to overrun my daily plans. Bad, bad Magic, eh? lol

I have been blessed with a major author asking me to edit a Beta copy of their newest novel! Nothing better than sitting and editing a novel into the night I always say! smile

Soon I will purchase a newer PC Laptop as I have need of my Excel program to keep track of my finances.

I still have high hopes KickAS Members will come back. So if you are reading this don't be shy! Come back to KickAS! You will always be welcomed back!

Monday morning I am receiving my 4th Vaccine Shot. I will request it be Pfizer as I fully believe in the company and do not want any other brand of vaccine running through my veins.

Please tell me how are you doing and feeling Kat? I hope and pray life is being very kind and fair. - Angie -
Posted By: Inanna Re: Uveitis again and come back Everyone! - 06/10/22 09:18 PM
Hi there,

I think the pizza cutter is a great idea. I use mine all the time ... although it does have to battle with too much cheese periodically.

The Beta novel editing sounds fabulous. Well done!

We are living interesting times, my friend. It's been very difficult. We are hopeful of resolution soon. Dear god I hope so. We've been under stress for far too long. We try to keep laughing and my sweetheart has stepped in a couple of times recently when things have become too difficult, which I really appreciate. A lot of the burden has landed on my shoulders for one reason or another. He's been feeling it keenly.

We haven't yet had our fourth vaccines, which concerned our rheumatologist. She's trying to set things in motion to get us one.

Anyway, it's getting late here.

Take care my friend.

Love and light.
Posted By: Magician Re: Uveitis again and I miss you guys! - 06/25/22 04:14 AM
Hello and my apologies for replying so very late. I am writing this from my bedroom in the lovely town of Hamiota. I periodically leave my apartment whenever I begin to feel stressed at my own place. A change of scenery provides a fresh view. For a change I actually brought along my course material. Fighting depression which is trying to convince me I cannot write a novel. I know I can! Have to keep believing in myself and just do it!!!

Inanna I am sending strength your way to provide lift you over any current or incoming rough bumps. Your words sound very tired, my friend.

I must cut this short as my cell needs to recharge. Down to 23%.
Take care and Major HUGS.
- Angie -