Posted By: wolverinefan Very long time no see - 12/14/21 12:14 PM
Hello all,

I honestly don't even know how long it's been since I last posted here, Three years? Five years? Longer? I kind of transitioned to Facebook and just slowly dropped away from this place that was my home for so long, Good too see it's still active. If anyone worked like to send me a friend request on Facebook, search for Brad Morgan. In your friend twist, include your screen name here at KA so I recognize you.

I am doing reasonably well. Still living in my own in my home of 25 years, but that was touch and go earlier this year due to problems with congestive heart failure and other issues. Looked bad, but I kicked AS one more time and now I'm doing ok, I stopped driving in 2017 and at that time the great people at the University of Michigan hospital outfitted me with any amazing wheelchair that I use when I leave the house, still use a walker in the house. I got a great wheelchair van at the same time, and my wonderful friends and family drive me all over. For those of you here who met my mom, she passed away the day after Christmas in 2016 from bile duct cancer, the first time she was ever really sick in her life.

I've been on remicade for more than 10 years, asked it continues to help immensely. That said, the terrible damage done by AS can never be reversed, and walking even with my Walker is getting harder. I'll keep it up as long as I can, Hope everyone here is kicking AS the best way they know how.
Posted By: MollyC1i Re: Very long time no see - 12/14/21 02:10 PM
Hi Wolverinefan - good to see ya posting here again. I pop in from time-to-time, though several months have passed since the last time. Been hospitalised. FIRST with a DVT and PE. They opened the artery with the Drug-Balloon approach. Good surgeon and excellent care. Then, a few months later, VTE : venous thromboembolism, lungs full of b/clots. Am now a lifer on Warfarin. Took them a while to get me stabilised. Then a full rectal prolapse plus a rectocele. Fab surgeon, removed a chunk of colon; really knew her stuff, an excellent anastomosis, and great with it. Was well looked after, and now pretty much recovered.
On top of all that, have a quasi Dx of MS...!! But not taking that any further. It is what it is. The LDN keeps me OK, and an occasional Paracetamol / Codeine takes care of the rest. One kicksAS and staggers gently on !
Will look you up on f/b. I go under Mec Cham - which are my initials. Take care man - Keep well, stay well.
Posted By: Inanna Re: Very long time no see - 12/26/21 08:31 AM
Brad and Molly, it's good to see you both!

You guys have had a rough time these last few years. I feel lucky to only have had Crohn's Disease added to my diagnoses!!! I'm now on Humira to treat both. This explains why Remicade helped so much and Enbrel never did quite as good a job.

Haven't seen you much on FB, Brad. Molly, hope to see you there!

Please both, keep in kicking AS and whatever else hits.

Light and love.
Posted By: EricaK Re: Very long time no see - 01/15/22 04:45 AM
Hi all, also not much here anymore. It’s nice to see y’all and hear you’re still kicking AS! I’m still in Colorado and will start spending summers in Norway this year. ☮️
Posted By: Inanna Re: Very long time no see - 02/17/22 10:11 PM
EricaK it's good to see you and know you're well! Norway sounds wonderful

Love and light.