Posted By: Magician diagnosed with mild cervical Spondylosis - 07/10/21 04:24 AM
Had a comprehensive MRI 2 days ago.
Missing KickAS a lot guys!
Posted By: Inanna Re: diagnosed with mild cervical Spondylosis - 07/15/21 07:38 AM
Mild cervical Spondylosis. So, the condition is there, but it's not inflamed? If it were inflamed it would be 'Spondylitis'. Am I understanding that right?

It's good to see you, Magic.

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Diagnosis: Mild lumbar spondylosis. There are no signs to suggest ankylosing spondylitis.

Have a nonspecific 2 cm area of sclerosis on the left iliac bone which is adjacent to the sacroiliac joint which showed no change since it was last examined in 2009. Likely of no clinical concern!!! (what??)

Mild diffuse disc bulge at L3-L4.

L5-S1 has a central and left paracentral broad-based disc protrusion mildly contacting the left S1 nerve root which is not resulting in significant narrowing of central canal.

Mild thickening of ligamentum flavum and bilateral facet joint arthrosis. Back is a mess!

Thank you for reading and commenting, Inanna.

I now have a PA who was added to my health file.
Posted By: Inanna Re: diagnosed with mild cervical Spondylosis - 08/11/21 07:27 AM
A 'PA'? Not understanding the reference.

I'm glad they've found this, so now, maybe, they can help you?

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I believe a P.A. is a Personal Assistant for the doctor. I really have no idea why she was added. Complicated case maybe?

Here's a dumb question: because I have positive HLA-B27 and have had conditions specifically associated with A.S. could my Spondylosis change over to becoming A.S.?

Is there any chance this website could be made live again? 🤔
Posted By: Inanna Re: diagnosed with mild cervical Spondylosis - 08/27/21 07:45 AM
What do your doctors say when you ask about the B27+ and uveitis, Magic? Same question as I asked in PM.