Posted By: tux Will Vaccines Flare me? - 07/24/20 01:46 PM
Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in years. Luckily I have competley put my AS into remmsion with diet and lifestyle. I got my life back, got married and am kind of starting my life over at the age of 33. AS ripped my mid twenties away from me.

Anyway to get to the point, I want to follow my dream of becoming a firefighter. To do that I must get EMT certified, and to do that I have to get vaccines. This scares me because even though I'm in remission, I fear putting things in my body that may wake up my immune system in a negative way.

So my question is, what are your experiences with vaccines and AS symptoms? I did a little research online and found some studies regarding autoimmune patients and vaccines. But all of them were talking about the effect that steroidal drugs may have. I don't take anything, and I'm symptom free, but as we all know the AS bug is always lurking.

I know everyone is different and reacts differently to every situation, so I'm not looking for a open and close case. Just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions from my fellow friends who know all to well the struggles of having AS! Much love!
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Will Vaccines Flare me? - 07/25/20 01:21 AM
Hello Jason,

Glad to hear you are doing so well. AS ripped away a lot of my 20s as well.

Cannot talk from experience regarding vaccines and have not really looked into it to be much help to your question, I would only be speculating.

I have been on diet since March 2002 and that is now my prior defense to keep AS at bay and has been effective.

If your dream is to be a firefighter I applaud you.. may have to do some more research or discuss with your doctor for his thoughts.

Keep on kicking!

Posted By: Magician Re: Will Vaccines Flare me? - 01/14/22 11:41 PM
Hello Jason:

I was kinda afraid of receiving the vaccinations but for a different reason. I have MS and it can be a picky [*bleep*] at the best of times. I was scared the Vaccines would overwhelm my MS treatment, Aubagio.

Well sure enough after the shot, I began dragging my left leg when walking. The next day it was gone. I personally think this reaction happened because I was very nervous of the vaccine and nerves and MS are really not good friends. LOL

I would certainly double-check with your doctors. I feel vaccine manufacturer's have tested the heck out of the vaccines so they work tops for every different person receiving them.

Best of luck, Jason! I, too, am happy to read you are doing well.

- Angie -
Posted By: EricaK Re: Will Vaccines Flare me? - 01/15/22 04:40 AM
So glad to hear you’re doing so well.

Same here, mostly in remission.

I’ve had the Moderna vaccines which made me super sick for a whole day and night, then zero pain for 4-6 weeks after each one.

Posted By: Inanna Re: Will Vaccines Flare me? - 02/04/22 11:10 AM
Hi, it's good to know when KAers are doing well.

I have AS and Crohn's and am on Adalimumab. I've had three jabs, two AZ and one Pfizer. A bit drained after them, but generally all right. My husband, who has PsA and is also on a biologic also had fatigue and energy drain for a day or so, but was fine. Hope that helps.