Posted By: mulehound Grand Junction - 11/04/18 10:40 PM
Jayme and I spent the last couple of days in Grand Junction Colorado. We were able to meet Erica and her husband for coffee. Had a great visit, can't believe it took me so long to figure out she lives 110 miles east of me. Jayme and I really enjoyed it we will be staying in touch.

Somehow I think I will remember her husband's name.
Posted By: EricaK Re: Grand Junction - 11/04/18 11:19 PM
Whoop! That was fun. grin Definitely stopping by your way next time we head toward Vegas. yes
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Grand Junction - 11/05/18 08:41 PM
Very good to hear Kickers still meeting up.

If either of you are in Rosario, Argentina, stop on by yes

Posted By: mulehound Re: Grand Junction - 11/06/18 04:53 PM
Argentina is somewhere I would really like to see. I will definitely get a hold of you for advice on where to go and what to see.
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Grand Junction - 11/07/18 03:19 PM
If you come to Argentina... Rosario is not a tourist destination.

These are the high level recommendations:
- Patagonia (Bariloche / San Martin de los Andes - lakes and mountains. If like the outdoors a place to go.
- Buenos Aires - if like the big cities
- Mendoza - wine country and mountains (Aconcagua - highest mountain in the Americas)
- Iguazu Falls - Niagara Falls.. but in the jungle and surrounded by nature and 10x larger

I have seen all the above... Iguazu Falls probably the most impressionable.. but nothing else nearby so probably best to fly there and back and need 4-5 days at most if see both Argentina and Brazil side (for Brazil will need Visa.. my mom needed... I did not since have Argentine residency).

I am not much into Buenos Aires so my easy 2nd choice is Bariloche as love the outdoors. Was there 2 weeks on 2 occasions.. but best to go in our summers (

There is also Salta in the northwest corner and Valdes Penninsula (whale and sea life watching) I have not been to.

Posted By: EricaK Re: Grand Junction - 11/07/18 04:02 PM
I'm working on a project with the CHARCO art collective in Chile and my PhD advisor is in Brazil. I would LOVE to take a year and travel through South America, but for some reason my husband insists on staying with his teaching job! LOL - he does have the best tech ed lab in the district.
Posted By: naj Re: Grand Junction - 11/11/18 10:57 PM
That's wonderful! smile