Posted By: mulehound Check up - 04/18/16 01:32 AM
Well just had a total checkup. It has been two years since my last complete physical. All of my blood work came back good. Zero inflammation, A1-C good, cholesterol hit the good numbers for both. PSA was also good.
I wonder if Lon has been putting in a good word for me with the big guy upstairs. I have now found I can eat about any kind of rice now with no issues. I also eat other fringe foods that used to be off limits. I still am aware of how bad it was for me in the beginning I don't want to go back there.
I want to once again thank everyone here for their help I need and appreciate you all. I don't post as much but I sure read as much. Orch started Me down the road, he instilled in me the determination that I might not be able to defeat it but I could live with it. Thanks Steve it means a lot that you took the time to meet someone who was at the end of their rope.
I could start listing you all but you know who you are, from Canada and across the big water. Thank you all!
Then there is the Dragon Slayer. He gave me the road map, always answered my questions no matter how small. I hope to buy him lunch here in the near future.
I will stop with all the mushy stuff, I have spent some quality time on my mules this winter, I have some great pictures need to post a few but I am a low tech guy and it easy to just say I will do it later.
I live in Moab I know you have all heard about it, we had 90,000 people her over Easter. If you come through or are visiting give me a call. I will buy you lunch..
Posted By: WendyR Re: Check up - 04/18/16 02:08 AM
That is all such great news, Darrel. Very glad to hear it.
Posted By: DragonSlayer Re: Check up - 04/18/16 04:24 AM

Hey, Darrel:

Great to hear! I'm SOOOOOOoooooo jealous, and despite there bein' a woman to blame--I know it is entirely my fault. Getting back on the wagon not for AS, but just health in general is HARD...sometimes I wish AS would kick my AS again, but then I find my sanity and thankful every day that Dragon seems to not love me anymore!

Looking forward to lunch in Moab--will bring my Geiger counter.

You are a great inspiration,
Continued HEALTH,
Posted By: Lon Re: Check up - 04/18/16 07:14 PM
I put In a good word for everyone, whether they ask or not. I am so glad that you are doing well.
How is your honey?
We would like to see your pictures.

We are getting snow here, the last two days, but it does melt when the sun comes out briefly.
Posted By: MollyC1i Re: Check up - 04/19/16 11:59 AM
Darrel - great update. Well done. ALL under control, back in the saddle again, enjoying life and enjoying more food items without paying dearly for it. Bravo.

Now, please do post piccies, especially of yr lovely mules - wish I could, but, it aint gonna happen. So will 'armchair' enjoy. Take care man - scritches to the four footed ones hug

Molly C - Keeping on, Keeping on
Posted By: Kleb_Slayer Re: Check up - 04/20/16 06:16 AM
Good stuff, congrats - nice to read when "long-timers" check in.

I for one would love to see more mule photos from Moab, sounds like amazing outdoorsiness. smile