Posted By: ilbcrzn Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/26/14 03:27 AM
AS Family

Today was awful. A motorcyclist going about 45 mph rearended us. I was at a full stop on a county highway with my signal to turn left on. I was stopped waiting for a different motorcyclist in the oncoming lane to pass us by. I looked in the rearview mirror just as the motorcyclist crashed into us. Lucky we were in a one gas station one bar town so 911 was called right away and we were able to get ice and towels for his bleeding forehead and eye. He was not wearing a helmet. My wife is a nurse and was asking him questions and I was holding his hand. The owner of the bar and his friend directed traffic till the police and paramedics came. We heard later that they had to Flight for Life him to another hospital.

Please pray for this motorcyclist tonight. His name is Jeff.

My wife, daughter and me were not injured.

Thank you all.
Posted By: rumble Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/26/14 04:49 AM
Awww. Sorry this happened to you (and to him). Glad your wife was able to render some aid and that he was evac'ed to a hospital. My hubby rides a motorcycle (and won't wear a helmet), so I was always afraid for him. He's not riding now due to his shoulder being wrecked again. Praying for this guy to recover from his injuries. Not sure how old your daughter is, but hope she isn't traumatized by this accident if she's young. Gentle hugs for all of you.
Posted By: TheWino Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/26/14 05:56 AM

Man, that's awful. I hope that you and your wife are doing okay. Sometimes neck soft tissue injuries aren't noticed until one or two days after the accident.

The fellow on the motorcycle is probably messed up pretty badly. I hope he recovers.

I find some serious irony that in my state, if you are in a car (which normally weighs a ton or more) you are required to wear a seat belt and can actually be written a ticket for not doing so.

However, the really asinine legislative branches have allowed motorcycle riders to legally ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Try to apply some logic to that.

Anyway, you'll seem like really nice peeps to help this guy out.

Be well,
Posted By: elmerfudd Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/27/14 11:23 AM
Prayed 4
Posted By: Inanna Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/27/14 12:40 PM
How frightening. I'm so glad you and your family are allright (please do watch for signs of injury over the next few days). How lucky for Jeff that your wife is a nurse and knew what to do. I hope he's all right.

When oh when will bikers realise that helmet-free is only free until your next crash.

Love and warm hugs,
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/28/14 04:18 AM
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. My family is doing well with no lingering injuries. We are truly thankful. We still have no news on the motorcyclist or which hospital he was taken to by flight for life. We are still concerned and hope to get positive news tomorrow.

I went to get our belongings out of the car as it will be considered a total loss. The motorcycle was next to my car and the front wheel was pushed straight back which means it hit square and took the full impact. It was really painful to look at knowing that the owner was in a hospital somewhere with a worried family and friends by his side.

Thank you all for the prayers for my family and the motorcyclist, they are all very much needed and appreciated.
Posted By: Lon Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/28/14 01:38 PM
JFFF- if I do run into someone-I want it to be you!
Lin takes away all my privileges when I refuse to wear a helmet.
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/28/14 02:57 PM
Hello Jeff,

Prayers for the motor cyclist that all turns out well.

Here motorcycles are very common because of the nice weather and affordability (and many do not wear helmets). I have seen many a motorcyclist on ground here with people around him like you and your wife awaiting the ambulance for the injured party.

If you drive a motorcycle you must wear a helmet.

Posted By: sherri Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/29/14 02:44 PM
Glad you are all for the Motorcyclist, if you are not going to wear a helmet then pay attention !!! As a former ER nurse I have seen a crash or 2 and where I live it is law, you have to wear a helmet and you have to wear seat belts.... I am sure it has saved many lives smile

Posted By: Pea Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/29/14 09:34 PM
Any word about the other Jeff yet? I hope you, your wife and daughter are still continuing to feel well!
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/30/14 03:05 AM
Thank you all for your continued prayers. No word on the other Jeff yet. I have his personal information from the police report that I requested. The local newspaper has finally come out with an article about the accident but stated they have no information at this time regarding which hospital he was taken to or his condition. We have card for him when we find out where he is. Lon, He was riding a Harley, I think a smaller motorcycle would not have been able to protect him as much as this bike did.

I have read all of your comments more than once and appreciate all your kind words and prayers. My wife and daughter seem to be doing well, the night of the accident we had to pick out small shards of glass from my daughter's scalp with a tweezers and I have had headaches off and on but I get severe headaches every once in a while anyway and do not know if it is from the accident or not.

When I get information on Jeff's condition I will let you all know.

Take Care everyone and thanks for being here.
Posted By: Angelmom Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/30/14 04:15 AM
Hope he is doing better by someone else said watch out for any lingering injuries you guys could possibly have
Posted By: Sue22 Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 05/31/14 12:10 AM
So glad you are all ok; hope the other guy is too.

If you need to go to PT or something like that, that might not be a bad idea. A good manual PT (or for me, my chiro who does similar gentle things) can really help alleviate headaches, depending on their cause.

I get migraines quite often. Ice and/or heat help me more than most things. A hot bath or shower. Caffeine if you don't do caffeine regularly. Some aromatherapy like lavender.

Hope your headaches subside soon.

Glad your family is ok.

Huggs and prayers. heart
Posted By: Possi Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 06/03/14 02:07 PM
Wow! How frightening. I am glad your wife was along and able to give aid. I am thankful your family is ok.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Rearended by motorcycle. - 06/05/14 03:13 AM
Thanks again everyone. All your posts mean a lot right now. I would write more right now but I have had a terrible headache. This is the second day and the doctor had me take 40mq. Prednisone today which has helped but light from the computer and television is really painful.

Take Care.