Posted By: ilbcrzn Iritis - 02/27/14 12:10 AM
Hi Everyone!!! smile

Just got back from the eye doctor for a follow up. I can stop using the drops that keep my right eye permanently dilated and will have to continue on the prednislone drops for another month. My pharmacy ran out of the drops for the dilation but they called another pharmacy across town and I was able to pick them up there. A real pain driving in the sun with an eye dilated.

I was under the impression since I was HLA-B27 negative that I would not have eye problems. I don't know why I thought that. Did I read that somewhere or is it just something I thought up on my own...don't know.

Anyway smile

I am still working afternoons two days a week when I can. Luckily I have plug in heated booties to keep my feet from going numb from cold. They also help with the foot pain.

Can't wait till winter is over (are you sick of it?) Can't keep up with the excema. Have a topical ointment but new patches are cropping up almost daily.

Still going to the pool for arthritis classes but missed last week...too darn cold to want to go outside.

Stay warm and as pain free as possible everyone !!! smile
Posted By: Sue22 Re: Iritis - 02/27/14 03:16 AM
Sorry about the iritis.

I can't remember, is this the first time you've had it? Or if not, how long did you have joint, GI, skin symptoms before having iritis?

Since I've had GI symptoms most of my life, which came to head 20+ years ago and joint symptoms 15 years now, but never iritis, I've kind of assumed it won't be a symptoms for me.

Plus it doesn't seem to be a symptom that runs in my family.

Wonder if my assumptions are good assumptions to be making?

Speaking of your plug in heated booties, have you seen these?

They looked interesting to me.

Yeh, pretty tired of winter. Last week was mild and a much needed reprieve. But its cold again this week.

Most of my skin is OK this winter; the Humira seems to be helping anything that was psoriasis. But its my feet that get really dry, flakey skin. I've found aloe to be more helpful than just about anything else. I usually mix the aloe (99% pure aloe gel) with either eucerin or coconut oil or shea butter. But aloe seems to be the secret for my feet.

Again, sorry to hear about the iritis. My eyes are really sensitive to light when I get migraines, but imagine that iritis must be orders of magnitude worse.
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Iritis - 02/27/14 01:28 PM
Hello Jeff,

Hope the winter ends soon for you, my mother returns to Appleton next Tuesday... so we have been checking the weather up your way.

Hope the eye and excema get better.

Best to you,

Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 02/28/14 02:49 AM

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your post. It has been about 15 years since I started having joint problems. Have had GI problems about 30 years and skin problems about 3 years ago.

The rashes started on my upper arms and the backs of my legs. Now my whole back and patches almost every where else.

Thanks for the link Sue, have you or anyone else tried them? My plug ins work great, got them for Christmas and they are already duct taped together from use.

Hope you are doing well with Humira Sue, Take Care!!! smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 02/28/14 02:57 AM
Hi Tim

Too bad your mom can't stay by you a little longer. It will still be very cold on Tuesday when she returns.

Thanks again Tim smile
Posted By: poconomike Re: Iritis - 02/28/14 04:02 AM
hi jeff driving at night with dilated eyes is pretty bad too. where did you buy electric booties? thats a great idea. are cold feet due to AS. mike
Posted By: Inanna Re: Iritis - 02/28/14 01:45 PM
Hi Jeff,

I am really sorry you have iritis. Man, that sucks. Do you use an eyepatch? Might make things a little easier while the pupil is dilated. Driving is interesting because you don't have depth perception, but better that than the sun causing pain. Also, try one while you're on the computer.

I hope it eases, soon. Taper off the predforte slowly, OK? Really slowly as you don't want to precipitate a rebound flare by coming off the steroids too quickly.

Love and warm hugs,
Posted By: Possi Re: Iritis - 02/28/14 10:46 PM
Jeff, I hope your eyes are better. I was in the middle of a long message to you after you posted and the phone rang. I have been thinking of you though.

Does the water bother your eyes? The pool I went to for so many years was all windows on the East side and the reflection on the water was really hard on my eyes. I wore my wrap-around sunglasses in the pool for years. I hope to get started back as soon as we get through this surgery thing. We have a new Aquatic Center here and I am anxious to check it out.

We are having a beautiful sunny day with about 70 degree weather and then tomorrow we have ice and snow moving in again and supposed to get down to 9 degrees. I am so ready for Spring this year. I felt like last summer didn't happen being in so much pain before surgery and then not being able to do much through the summer. I am looking forward to this one.

Plug-in booties sound pretty good. Staying warm really helps with pain.

I hope you have a good weekend and someone makes you a big cherry pie. hrtballon

Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 02/28/14 11:48 PM
Hi Mike

Are you still going to the pool? Had a sick daughter at home this week so I stayed home. the booties were a Christmas present. It was purchased online from Amazon. Others in the family get cold feet too. Must run in the family. The booties help with the AS and Fibro pain. Also, the booties are already duct taped together from heavy use.

Thanks Mike
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 03/01/14 12:02 AM

Thanks for the good advice. I am going to be tapering for a month. Right now 4 drops a day for a week, than 3 next week and down from there. We have been getting intense sun in the afternoons but still very cold. Thanks Again Kat. Wishing you all the best smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 03/01/14 12:14 AM
Hi Possi

How are you doing these cold days. Spring is just around the corner. Once in a while I will wear my sunglasses at the pool if the sun is too much. I know I will be going to the pool more once it warms up a little. 70 sounds wonderful, we had a high of 19 today, sun and no wind makes a difference.

Cherry very favorite!!! I hope you and your husband have a good weekend too!!!
Posted By: poconomike Re: Iritis - 03/01/14 01:51 PM
hi jeff i try to get to the pool 3 times a week and swim a few laps, it keeps me moving. this winter I'm spending more and more time in the sauna. this has been a long cold winter I'm ready for spring. mike
Posted By: Pea Re: Iritis - 03/03/14 12:40 AM
I feel like I'm the queen of Uveitis, well Mig and I. I'm negative too Jeff but never read that us Negatives (HLA-B27) don't get it. If you have any questions, pm me. It's rough. Glad you got in to see about it. I have it sometimes so bad, I have to dim our TV's. The Remicade really kept it at bay but I'm off of it now so we will see.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 03/03/14 02:41 AM
Thanks Pea,

I never had Uvitis while I was on Remicade either. This is the second time in 3 months. This time worse than before. Another 3 weeks with the drops... I will PM you if I have any issues. Of course you can do the same.

I thanked my eye doctor for fitting me in instead of assuming everything was the same as last time where pred drops would be enough. She said she wished some of her other patients understood that point.

I know what you mean about tv brightness. The computer screen is painful to look out after a while too.

Sue- this is the second time.
Posted By: Pea Re: Iritis - 03/12/14 10:02 PM
I hope you are doing better Jefro! I am about to have a cataract taken off due to the high use of steroid drops. It's gotten so bad that it's like looking through lint dust out of my left eye. I hate it.

Maybe your Dr. will increase your biologic. Mine did to prevent the beast from coming back and it stopped it.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Iritis - 03/12/14 11:22 PM
Hi Pea,

Doing better, still 2 drops a day till next week then down till one a day for the week. Cataract? that stinks. Keep me posted. How is the weather by you? Just looked at our 10 day forecast...winter is sticking around. yawn
Posted By: Possi Re: Iritis - 03/15/14 12:31 AM
I am glad you are doing better. Have been thinking of you.

Pea, you will be so glad to get the cataract taken care of. That is such a magical procedure. I had my first one in my mid 40's from excessive steroid drops. The second one was about 5 years ago. I will be thinking of you. It is probably the easiest procedure you will ever have done.

Hugs and Blessings to you both.
Posted By: Divarose Re: Iritis - 03/16/14 12:55 PM
All I can say is OUCH!!!!!!

I have had this more than once and it is painful. The eye drops do help.

All the best