Posted By: ilbcrzn Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 05:21 AM
Hi Everyone,

Things didn't go quite as planned today. First off it was a gorgeous sunny Fall day today. It got up to about 41F. and there was no wind. Today was the day I was going to trim the apple tree in the back yard. I had trimmed a lot of it with the hand pruner but it was not going to work on the thicker branches that are going straight up or touching the neighbor's roof. Some of the branches are starting to pull on the cable lines running across our yard too. I had taken an extra painkiller. It always helps if I am taking a car ride or working in the yard.

I got out the ladder and the trusty electric chain saw and cut the first four branches without a problem. The fifth branch was in a tight spot and I didn't wait long enough for the chain to stop before reaching for a branch that was hanging on the cable line.

Cut a big slice just above the wrist. At first I thought it was just a scratch but it was laid open pretty good. Luckily we live 2 minutes from the hospital. One tetanus shot and six stiches later I walked out and walked home. Earlier I had asked my wife if she would drive home and pick up the "crime scene", along with all those beautiful apples from the top of the tree.

I came home to dinner and 2 grocery bags half filled with apples. one bag will go to the horses at Free Spirit Riders. A locally supported horse farm for cognitively and physically disabled children to go and ride. My daughter used to go there and it is such a great program.

Haven't decided what to do with the other bag of apples.... any ideas??? wink
Posted By: Sue22 Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 08:57 AM
Yikes! eek2

Glad it wasn't any worse! smile

And do you even have to ask? Pies for all! 1cup
Posted By: tomloops Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 11:34 AM
Hi: I am glad you are okay. You could give both bags to the horses or you could bob for apples...Tom
Posted By: jpinperth Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 12:53 PM
Oh Jeff,

Thank goodness your not hurt worse. Not so sure taking a strong pain med and a chainsaw is a good idea .

You could make applesauce, and apple pies,, and caramel apples, YUMMY.

Posted By: Inanna Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 01:11 PM
Good grief, Jeff, what are you, in the running to be Lon's apprentice in the scrapes department? Next thing you'll be telling us you've been practicing riding your bike into the back of a beer truck!!!

I'm glad it's not worse and that the only real casualties were apples.

Apple strudel!!!!

Love and warm hugs,
Posted By: sherri Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 02:17 PM
OMG any title with 'chainsaw' in it scares me !!! Glad you still have your arm !! Take care Jeff smile

Posted By: cemc Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 03:38 PM
Your subject line scared me as I have seen the results of chainsaw injuries and they aren't pretty. Sounds like you were lucky enough get off fairly lightly, though can imagine it won't be the easiest recovery with where it is. Hope it all heals up well though and you don't lose any function there.

As for the apples - any food project (free meals project) in your area that could make a pie or two out of them? The horses were a great idea too.
Posted By: ValsMum Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 07:01 PM
Sorry to hear about your stitches, I am glad it was not worse. I like the "pick up the crime scene" part of your post. My dad cut his finger badly and it looked like a crime scene too.
I juiced two apples today along with some carrots, so I guess I would recommend juicing the apples.

How is it being on disability? Are you able to volunteer at places like Free Spirit Riders if you fell well enough to do so?
Hope your stitches heal nicely.
Take care!
Posted By: Oldtimer Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 08:34 PM
I would give you a lecture, but I bet you already know it was not the fault of the chainsaw. Hope you heal alright, and I bet you think about this incident every time you run one it the future.
Posted By: Buster Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 08:48 PM
Pain killers and power tools....... No.
Your lucky.
Posted By: Timo Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 09:48 PM
Just recently I was at the hospital and the only place they had for me was in the trauma room so I was sitting there and they wheeled in this chap who had lopped off some digits on his hand with a chainsaw. I overheard him say he'd been doing this stuff for 1 brazillion years and he'd never had a problem. He then said it was time to hang it all up and give back his new chainsaw to whoever he got it from. His wife wasn't allowed to see him until they numbed all his affected fingers (I heard all that......) and then had them bandaged up.
Posted By: Pea Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/28/13 09:56 PM
Pie! Need I say more. We are all pie or apple crisp or strudel eating people on here...oops, forgot applesauce. Time to hang up the chainsaw for awhile my friend. Get an arborist out to finish the job if it still needs done.

BTW...thank God it wasn't worse. You sure know how to sweat your friends! Hope you heal quickly you bkrzn!!!
Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 02:47 AM
Hello Jeff,

Glad it was not worse.

Hopefully you could enjoy the Packers game Sunday Night to recover.

Posted By: rumble Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 04:29 AM
Glad it wasn't worse. Was pretty sure you survived since you managed to post, though you could have typed with one hand, slowly. laugh2

Pain meds and a chain saw??? Don't bob for apples after a pain med dose. Give them all to the horses. Or to Possi. yes

Kudos for walking home. Extra-strength kudos to your long-suffering wife. heart
Posted By: Possi Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 03:47 PM
Pie, of course!!

I am so sorry this happened to you. I am very thankful that you still have that hand. I dreaded reading your post when I saw the subject.

I kind of teared up thinking what a serious accident this was (could have been).

Hugs and Continued Blessings. (You were certainly blessed with the stupid tree) Or stupid chainsaw or.....
Posted By: Possi Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 03:48 PM
Thanks Rumble. It is apple-bobbing time!! :o)
Posted By: poconomike Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 03:48 PM
hey jeff you got off with 6 stiches, very lucky you should have bought a lotto ticket when you got out of the hospital. pain meds and power tools is a no-no. i retired my chain saw and weed wacker, if i use either my hands are numb for days. mike
Posted By: Possi Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 03:53 PM
I think this is a good reminder to all of us about activities and pain meds. About a year ago, I took my husband's big pickup to WallyWorld after taking a 10 mg. Hydrocodone. I was parallel parking and I swear I was a long way out from the pole and it jumped over in to my way. Anyway, as I turned the pickup, the "stupid" pole jumped out and I turned the side of the pickup right in to it and did about $2500 damage. I stopped and got estimates and made an appt. on the way home!

He is so kind and just wiped my tears.

We should stay home and away from machinery on pain meds. I think that means washers/dryers/brooms/everything besides the remote. I don't even like to read posts or emails that I have written while medicated.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 06:11 PM

Thanks Sue

I joke a lot but seriously know how bad it could have been and am very thankful.

If any pie is to be made...Humble pie will be the first.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 06:17 PM
Thanks Tom

It was carelessness on my part. The horse farm has gotten our apples before. Already have given them 3 bags earlier this year.

It was a good year for our apples...we are grateful.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 06:23 PM
Hi Janet,

Thank you for your support and concern. To be honest I took the second pill about 10 minutes before I started, so I don't think it had a chance to kick in. On the other hand it is always on my mind whenever I am driving or using machinery.

Thank you!!!
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 06:57 PM
Thanks Kat,

How are you doing?

Hope Lon is doing well camping in the mountains. He is quite an amazing person. This is the first time I have had stitches. I always hated driving for work when taking pain meds. Always afraid I was impaired and didn't know it. I never had an accident or even a near miss...but luck could have run out if I would have kept working.

The apples survived and so will I.

Take care Kat!!! smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:03 PM
Hi Sherri,

Thank you. I wrote "stupid chainsaw" so people might get the idea that it wasn't that bad. It could have been worse and I know it and will be more diligent when cutting the rest of the branches. Want to get it done but apprehensive.

Hope you are doing well. Thanks again Sherri smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:10 PM
Thanks Cemc

The doctor that stitched me up said stitches were needed because of the location and the possibility of it opening up because of the wound's location.

Some of the apples have gone to friends and neighbors.

Hope you are doing well.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:22 PM
Hi ValsMum

My Mom cut the top of her foot with an electric lawn mower once. I saw her run in the house screaming. I was at a friend's house a few doors down and saw the whole thing. I was scared for her and remember the big scar on her foot.

Still working12 hours a week and that is about all I can do at this time. I would love to volunteer but don't think I could handle it. Down to one day a week next month till Spring.

Thanks for the juicing idea. Drinking fresh apple juice and cherry juice juice
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:33 PM
Thanks J.R.

I know I always laugh (inside) when I hear people blame inanimate objects for their accident. I was responsible for what happened. I knew that when I treated a yellow jacket nest for work (sometimes on a ladder) if I was stung it was my fault not the wasps. Luckily I learned that lesson while on the ground and didn't have my bee suit zippered all the way to the end.

Thanks for pointing that out in case anyone thought I was serious about the stupid chainsaw.

Take Care. smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:37 PM
Thanks Buster,
I know...can be a bad combination. Thanks. I was lucky and know it. smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:41 PM
Hi Timo

What a scary story. Thanks for sharing as a reminder to everyone. Even if you do something for a bazillion times you can still have an accident if you are not careful. Hearing all that must have been gut wrenching.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:45 PM
Hi Pea,

Pie...never would have thought of that crazy

I will finish the job with a little different perspective.

Thanks Pea smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 07:50 PM
Hi Tim

Got home just in time. Laid in bed with the heated mattress pad and watched the game. It was a good distraction of the days events.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 08:04 PM
Thanks Rumble

Yes, my poor wife...thanks for the funny post. have to watch the meds...I learned never take a laxative and a sleeping pill together.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 08:10 PM
Thanks Possi and thanks for your concern.

I am VERY thankful that my lesson wasn't more serious.

I am not as gung ho getting back to it. A little slower approach will be taken.

Stupid Tree
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Stupid Chainsaw - 10/29/13 08:14 PM
Hi Mike,

Don't use the weed whacker either. I don't like the numbness or my lawn being burned from cutting too short. I have a hand trimmer on a pole that is tedious but works well. After this job will not be using the chainsaw for a long time.