Posted By: ilbcrzn Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/28/13 04:24 AM
Hey Everybody!!!

Hope I don't gross you out with this post.

On Tuesday of last week I noticed a rash on both feet where my sandal straps are and thought it might be a heat rash or more psoriasis so I didn't do anything with it.

Had my Enbrel shot on Thursday. On Saturday I woke up and most of my toes and the sides of my feet were covered and blotchy red....AND the burning and itching were terrible.

Went and bought the spray and it is improving. I think the Enbrel caused it to spread so quickly because of my suppressed immune system.
Seems I have a lot of skin issues

Any thoughts or opinions?

Doing well otherwise. One more 4 hour work day then don't go back till next Wednesday. Going up North for 4 days. Time to slow down. Swim at the lake if it is hot or stay in the cabin and read if it's raining. Either way I will be one happy camper. I don't always make it to the Labor Day Concert either but I do all right staying back at the cabin and being there with my daughter and my dog.

Hope every one has a great Labor Day!!! smile
Posted By: rumble Re: Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/28/13 05:19 AM
Not sure if there is a correlation....I had a wart on one of my fingers that had persisted for well over 5 yrs. While on Enbrel, it went away. Fast forward a year or so...past the time I was on Simponi and on to the present day on Humira. The wart on the one finger stays gone, but I have 2 new ones on a different finger. Virus vs fungus, but sort of similar? This would probably be filed under 'thoughts' rather than 'opinions'. LOL.

One other thought....wish I could work just 4 hrs instead of 10. laugh2

One last thought....have a good time at the cabin and get all the rest you need, with your daughter and your dog. Those are the makings of a great weekend!!!! roll
Posted By: Sue22 Re: Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/29/13 01:02 AM
Do you take vitamin C? My rheumy told me to make sure I take it especially now that I'm on Humira. I also drink quite a bit of green and oolong tea, eat lots of fruits and veggies, try to get enough sleep (that's always my challenge), and whatever else it takes to stay as healthy as possible....

I've only been on Humira for 2-3 months, but no infections so far....hope I didn't jinx myself. smile
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/29/13 01:58 AM
Hi Rumble,

The feet are improving but already will need another can of the stuff. I have had athletes foot before but it never spread as fast as it did this time.

The cabin will be nice. I always go to the library and get the years worth of a couple of magazines to go through. They have WiFi there too but wont be on the computer much. Try to stay as low tech as possible. Will try to get out of bed at least once to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan.

Even if I don't check in, you guys are always in my thoughts.
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/29/13 02:09 AM
Hi Sue,

Glad to hear Humira is giving you some relief. I remember when I was on Remicade and I never thought it worked that well. After it stopped working for me I realized just how much it helped. Yes I do Take Vitamin C in a multi vitamin/supplement that has all the vitamins including all the trace elements that your body needs i.e. zink, copper, iodine.

I hope you didn't jinx yourself either. I thank my "lucky stars" I am not superstitious. wink
Posted By: Possi Re: Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/29/13 05:32 PM
I don't know if there is a correlation getting it but I think it will hinder getting it cleared up. When I was on Remicade, I got up in the night and walked in to a door facing and ended up with a fungal infection under the toenail that split a tiny bit. We did everything to clear it up. I took oral meds for over a year. My immune system was lowered so much that I just couldn't clear it up.

Hope it gets well quickly.

Sounds like a great holiday weekend! It is hot here. We will probably stay inside with our stack of books and pitcher of iced tea. :o) (and maybe a piece of blueberry pie).
Posted By: ilbcrzn Re: Enbrel and Athletes Foot - 08/29/13 11:46 PM
Hi Possi,

Thanks, that is probably why it spread so fast. Even with a topical and an oral medication< I have a real problem with cold sores clearing up.

We are supposed to have rain while we are up there. A wild night of Dominoes and snacks should keep us busy...hope no one calls the cops!!!