Posted By: light Lymph nodes - 03/02/13 10:15 PM
I am having a terrible flare for the past two months. I am getting rib/thorasic/groin pain.

I have a lymph node in my groin that is very swollen and tender. I feel like it is worse when my other inflamation subsides a bit. I have a few more nodes that are in the same area that are less big and tender, but still noticable.

I am obviously going to the Dr to make sure it is "nothing else",

but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced painful lymph nodes during a flare up. I have read that this is common in RA, but have not seen so much info about AS.

Any experiences/thoughts?

Thanks so much.
Posted By: Possi Re: Lymph nodes - 03/03/13 12:51 AM
Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. I get the groin pain but I haven't had the swollen lymph nodes. I am glad you are going to the dr.

Keep in touch.

Posted By: naj Re: Lymph nodes - 03/03/13 05:17 PM
I hate flares! Jan/Feb is often tough for me, here's hoping Spring brings with it some health! I get a swollen gland in my neck on one side...seems like ever since I got ill one time in my 20s, it is the side that just reacts to whatever is going on. Weird. I think it responds to inflammation and/or my immune system. Best wishes for you and your gland issue!
Posted By: Sue22 Re: Lymph nodes - 03/03/13 07:02 PM
see my response to you in the NSD forum.

yes to the large hard painful buboes in the arm pits during particularly nasty flaring.....

see details in the other thread.
Posted By: Gerri54 Re: Lymph nodes - 03/03/13 08:24 PM
My doctors are investigating swollen lymph glands are painful, in neck/jaw/under arm/ groin on me.

I am so tired all the time. I deal with uncontrolled pain A.S. pain all the time. Doesn't help with Psoriasis and gut rot pain.

Hopefully you will be feeling better soon.

Gerri & Makaylah
Posted By: light Re: Lymph nodes - 03/04/13 12:48 PM
Thanks everyone.