Posted By: jpinperth pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 12:27 AM
Hi All,

I haven't had pain here in 20 years, but oh boy it has come back. There is really nothing they can do for it that I know of . It improoved years ago with lots of steroids ,nsaids and rest and ice. I would appreciate any advice on this senstive area.

Posted By: Sue22 Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 04:52 PM
Wasn't familiar with this, so googled, and found this:

sounded similar?

anyway, reading it, i wonder if my problems in the pelvic region are not "just" SI inflammation? as some of these symptoms sound familiar.

anyway, it gave a list of things to avoid, if this is the problem you are having?

also, reading gave me the idea that PT might be useful. I went to a PT that specialized in women's issues especially down in that area.

they mentioned core strengthening and pelvic floor exercises? don't know if that would be useful.

i've found there are a number of movements i have to avoid, some that they mention. always assumed it was my SI, but who knows.

i've also found that when i flare in the pelvic area, lots of ice and rest and time, or a short course of steroids along with a lot fewer days of ice and rest.

maybe you'll find something useful in this. don't know, but thought worth a shot.
Posted By: jpinperth Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 05:06 PM
THanks Sue,

This is something I get when the SI flares as well. All the steroids three weeks ago have worn off and I am just as bad as I was before. Guess that wasn't the answer . Will do U/S, tens and ice and hope for the best.

Posted By: Sue22 Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 05:15 PM
if not too private / personal, where do you do the ultrasound for this?

ultrasound helps me a lot as well......

hope it quiets soon.
Posted By: cemc Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 06:40 PM
Its an area I have had a lot of pain in over the years, and I must admit it only made sense when I realised that it is the same kind of joint as the SI joints. I can't blame mine on pregnancy or childbirth though, so I figure it must just be another area of spondy enthesitis. On that basis, then its attacked best by antiinflammatory treatments.
Posted By: jpinperth Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 09:39 PM
Hi Sue,

You do it where the symphysis pubic bone is . I do it at home. I wouldn't have it done by a PT.

Posted By: jpinperth Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 09:41 PM
Hi Cemc,

I have not had any babies either .It is certainly linked to the SI joint . It is wicked when you try to walk much.

Posted By: Lon Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/11/13 11:50 PM
i had a proceedure done in that area for shin splits...

It was a terribly painful, somewhat under the bone, but there is a bundle of nerves under there that he loosened!!!

I have not had shin splints since....

I sure hope you can get some relief!!
Posted By: trudi Re: pubic symphysis pain - 02/12/13 11:52 PM
I know that pain well. is my longest pain in this whole disease process. my PS joint is actually worn and filled with arthritis according to xrays. psoas stretches sometimes help as with any kind of 'massage' trigger point therapy on my hampstrings, thighs, etc can take the edge off for me.