Long time away .... Brief synopsis....
*found a great physical therapist

*Pregnancy #6 helped reduce spondy pn

*directed a successful pirate festival

*spent last 3 weeks of pregnancy in start-n-stop labor while in hospital with dd#3 who went status epilepticus and almost didnt come out of it. Had to slam her with lotsa meds.

*alexander was born at home in the middle of the week long pirate fest. He was the darling of the event.

*lotsa pt, ot & speech therapy to get dd#3 functioning better.

*told hubby i was done with his abusive crap and wanted a separation.

*life started getting worse

*went to wyoming with kids to visit my long lost brother for a few weeks during christmas and to give hubs time to get an apt.

*transmission went dry

*hubby filed for divorce to get me back home a week later and said hes not moving out. I am to continue to live with him.

*dd#3 went to hosp ER a couple days later with ear infection. Stayed a week with 'failure to thrive' from epilepsy med overdosing. She was unable to eat since on so many meds her body was shutting down.

*had to miss a friend of the court mtg to determine temp custody, visitation & child support cuz she was in hosp.

*my brother gets an infection in his hand. Turns out to be mrsa and he is in the hospital now, losing a thumb.

*hubby is working on taking the kids away. He's keeping my finances to a bare minimum as punishment for not coming home when he said.

*hmmm.... I think that is everything in a nutshell. Not sure i like being stuck in the middle of nowhere, wyoming in the winter!!! Brrrr! It kinda sux out here! Lol! But it looks like i will be working on residency for awhile anyway, to keep him from making me go back to MI and living with a very unstable controling and posessive man.

Gotta love my life ...... yawn

Glad you are here. Often thought of you and wondered how you are doing, sorry that life is kicking you in the backside right now. I hope the challenges that you face will end soon and that you find some sort of peace. Trudi please know that we are all here for you every step of the way.
Sounds like you are having a rough time. I hope things get better real soon. I'll say a prayer for you today and for your family. Take care.
Hello Trudi,

Sounds like you are going through a lot.... AS is enough and appears you have much more.

Pray you can find some answers to all the issues you are dealing with.

Trudi, I'm glad you came in to talk. You are so strong, are being so strong, please try to find the energy and make the time to do compassionate things for yourself.

Is there someone you can turn to for support and help?

Please keep coming in here. It's so much easier to bear life's crap with people who care to lean on.

Love and Warm Hugs,
OMG Trudi I had no idea about the husband......I did follow your pirate festival & baby pics on facebook though, they were great!!
So sorry to hear you are going through all of this and shame on him !!!! (((HUGS Trudi)))!!!!!

Trudi, I am glad you posted. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time right now.
Trudi - Was only thinking of you the other day, wondering how you and the children were. What a horrible situation. Join others in hoping that you find a good outcome and find a circle of support to help you through this time. Hope your daughter pulls up quickly from her illnness and your brother recovers quickly from that beastly infection. What a plateful. Come back often to the 'family'. Please take care, many (((HUGS))) hugss

well your kids survived meeting me!!!

We will meet tomorrow and get a bit of a plan as to how we can help you more long term.....

I am sure glad that you called.

brotherly love,
Thx for the love. Much needed. My time and options are running out. I am in shock and so much pain. I haven't really slept since. Ruths 3 week hospital stay in july. Exhausted. I just wanna curl up and sleep forever. Now to find a lawyer to prove my innocence so I don't lose the kids. Oh wait. That takes money. Shoot. Going to Lons in a bit.
Hugs Trudi. What a blessing. I am thinking of you.

My heart goes out to you and your family. Too many trials in such a short agonizing time. I am glad that you found Lon and Lin and have some healing time there.
Trudi, I am so sorry you are having so many troubles right now. I am glad you met Lon and his wife. Stay strong, and I hope things start looking up soon.

Hang in there, honey. We love you and are pulling for you.

Love and hugs,
Hi Trudi,

So glad you found Lon, he will help you and give you the emotional guidance you need. HOw is that wee baby doing ?

Good Luck Trudi, we are all rooting for you.
Thx everyone. Everyone is holding their heads high and with smiles so far. Ruth is doing amazing. First time in a LONG time. I have a renewed glimmer of hope for her.

Bubby is cooing snd so very smart. Gotta watch him ... he picks up on things very quickly.

Hope we didn't shock the Sassmans too much with our mini invasion!

As for the hubby ... so very sad. I pray things work out for the right. He's playing dirty.

Glad there have been a few rays of sunshine cool on your stormy sea. Thank you for the update and the new pictures. the new picture of you and your "motley crew" looks wonderful. I hope brighter days are ahead. smile
Trudi, I'm so glad Ruth is doing better. And that the mini-invasion of Sassland went well.

Hang in there. We're all pulling for all of you.

Love and Warm hugs,
Thanks for keeping us posted here, I am keeping you and your family in my prayers!
Today, my kids were taken from me in a mid-morning surprise 'attack'. Even my nursing baby. I could keep custody IF I went with and stayed in the house with him. To keep me safe, I cannot do that. Prayers for safety and wisdom for us all.

I thank God for Lon and Lin to help me thru this.
So sorry Trudi. Thank goodness you've got some support, it must be so hard.
I am so sorry Trudi. I am thankful that you have Lon and Lin there. I am thinking of you.

Trudi, I am so sorry to hear this. I am holding you all in my heart and sending white light and love to you all with all my might.

Love and Warm Hugs,

Oh Trudi

My heart just sank when I read your post. You are in my thoughts and prayers...Stay strong.
it is with a heavy heart I listeneed to him talk.....

We live in a fallen world. but you can rise above this.

Father in heaven, protect those precious children. Keep them safe and may you impress upon HIS mind to let Trudi live in the house with her babies. lord God cause all of this to turn to something really good. Wrape Trudi in your love, help her to have the strength courage to get the right thing done.
Lord Jesus, these babies need her!!!!

Cause her to fight for what is right!!!!!! We need a miracle...

In Jesus name..Amen

Trudi we love you!!!!

come over any time!
Thank you for that, Lonnie. You are a true friend and I am grateful she has you to turn to.

Oh, God, Trudi honey. Words aren't enough. Stay alive for your kids. We love you.
update: a family friend gifted me with money to fly home last Monday. I filed a personal protection order and was granted and served on Wed, I think. Meaning he had to leave the house. I am now with the kids and found a bulldog of a lawyer on Thursday. He freaked cuz a ppo will remove his right to carry and buy guns and put out a deal: i retract the ppo and I get whatever I want in the divorce and that it will be as civil as possible and he must continue to keep at a distance.

Seems tomorrow (tues) we are getting together with the lawyers to sift thru everything.

I'm just tired of the lies being told about me and perpetrated by his family. Even my neighbors and most mutual friends have put a distance between me and them. Sux, but what can a person do?

The kids are being very wise and are seeing things with eyes wide open. I am thankful!

Your kind thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated and needed!

Hugs to all!
((Trudi)) It sounds like things are heading in the right direction. Having your kids back is definitely the right direction. I am sorry you are going through this but know you have a bunch of prayer warriors on your side.

I pray you can keep this civil for the kids' and your sakes. Glad you are with them again and got a good lawyer. It might not seem like it, but you will come out of this stronger (not that you aren't already!). Stay above the BS. Big, gentle hugs.
these times will pass. Do some reading on parental aleination, another is
Custody is not a battle, its a war. There is some good info that may help you cope. Custody disputes seem to make a bad thing worse. If you need to vent privately feel free.
Trudi, I am so glad you are with your kids again. White light and love surround you as I type, and I'm pulling for you all with every bit of energy I have.

Love and Hugs,
Great update Trudi - love yr 'bulldog' lawyer character. That's just what is needed, tenacity with BIG teeth...!! Terrif. More power to combined elbows - good positive vibes ploughing through the airwaves to ya gal.

Go well with strength and purpose -
Dear Trudi, I just read all this and I am really happy you can be with your kids and they can be with you. I am thinking of you and hope everything bad is over soon.
Love, Hana