Posted By: gypsy Just checking in,.. - 10/26/10 01:25 AM
Hey Everyone !

Just wanted to say hello.

After NSD I have been pain free for a few years. I keep checking in, reading offline, because I miss it here.

Not sure exactly what I want to say here, except thank you,.. to the site, to the people who helped me, (through emails or just reading other posts)

Hope you're all well,

Posted By: gypsy Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/26/10 01:32 AM
Sorry, forgot to say that I follow a raw food diet now. Not hard to keep away from starch,... too many other good veg.

Thanks smile
Posted By: Angelmom Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/26/10 04:29 AM
Glad you are doing well...doesn't mean you can't

Posted By: manatee Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/26/10 02:14 PM
Hi Dori, so happy to hear how well you are doing. You know, just cause your feeling so good doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you. On the contrary, once a kickas member always a kickas member and we miss you when you're gone. An AS'er that is feeling well is a bright spot in our days.
Posted By: Inanna Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/26/10 04:06 PM
Dori, I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well!!!! It's always good to know when one of the KA Family is flourishing.

I'm with the others, your contributions are valuable, especially as someone who's had success. I hope you visit more frequently.

Posted By: gypsy Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/31/10 03:02 AM
Thank you Cindy,

I still feel part of the group. It's my secret "gang" I belong to.

But I forgot that reading people who found relief from the pain actually helped and inspired me to make my change. Thank you for reminding me of that. I promise I won't lurk so much anymore.

Posted By: gypsy Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/31/10 03:06 AM
Thanks Lisa,

It won't be so long between visits before I post.

Posted By: gypsy Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/31/10 03:08 AM
Thank you !

I remember some of your posts helping me through some quite bad times. Your always there.

I will try to follow your example and log on more.

Happy Halloween !!

Posted By: Tinkerbell Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/31/10 08:20 AM
Hello Gypsy
Nice to meet you.
Just wanted to say Hi.
Glad you have had great success with the NSD.
I was talking to a friend recently who has a DX for something incurable - she said it took away her hope - it was heartbreaking.
When you are in terrible pain day in day out and so dehabilatated, to hear that others have got relief is something to hold onto - which is so important.
One thing everyone has on here is a fighting spirit and determination to struggle on with whatever life throws at them. When you are going through times where you don't feel like you can do it on your own, that is when the steadfast love and support of the KickAS family kicks in.
This site is full of so many incredible people, who are ready and willing to team up against the Monster.
You have so much to offer the site from your own personal experience with AS.
Hope to chat with you again soon.
Tink rainbow
Posted By: gypsy Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/14/19 10:34 PM
Hello !

I've stepped back into the forum because I want to get back on the No Starch Diet. I was good for a few years but age and laziness have my health, .. not so good. I've tried a few diets and a few Protocols but I've just decided to come back to the NSD. It feels so easy to slip back into without having to relearn, or count. Man,.. I hate counting things just to eat.

Feels quite quiet around here, but I do have a question about Nightshades. Has anyone found anymore solid evidence these should be left out of the NSD. I just read, (but no evidence) that they cause Vitamin D3 to act different and hold calcium in soft tissue and cartilage. I was surprised I never read more about this, and them, the first go around 10 years ago.

Anyway, hello again to anyone still around from about *cough cough* years ago. Lord, where has the time gone,..


Posted By: Dotyisle Re: Just checking in,.. - 10/20/19 02:11 AM
Hello Dori,

I have no issues with tomatoes and peppers at all, eat them all the time. Eggplant I can eat very limited amounts.

I stepped up my probiotics (kefir and sauerkraut) and doing exceptionally well, started eating rice 1x/week.. maybe 4-5 spoonfuls and for now not seeing any issues.

Best to you on getting better.