Greetings All

I recently did an enema for Ankylosing Spondylitis which consisted 250ml of food grade Coconut oil and 10 drops of 100% oregano oil....

The results were amazing. I suffer from severe Ankylosing spondylitis and I have very very severe Kyphosis, after the enema
My back started to crack up and loosen up,
My neck also loosend up the most in 5 years.

I performed the enema according the instruction given by the Sadvic group on YT and modified the water enema with coconut oil and oregano.

I lay on my bed with a towel underneath and performed the enema, I lay with my legs facing upwards for 10 min, then on my left side for 5 min, then right side for 5 min.
After 30min I expelled the oil in the toilet with no problems. All along massaging my stomach in a clockwise, and and anti clockwise direction.

I was compelled to post because after failing antibiotics treatment, I found something that really makes a difference and fast...

Note both coconut oil and oregano oil are antimicrobial agents, BUT the coconut oil was used to dilute the 100% oregano oil and is soothing to the GUT. As I believe I have a serious fungal infection in my gut like candida and it is making my GUT porous allowing bacteria etc to cause my Autoimmune condition.

The brand of coconut oil I used was La familia, and the oregano oil 100% was Botalife....

All the best


HLA B27+
Have AS since the age of 13.
Diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 22