I was formally diagnosed with Mild Lumbar Spondylosis in July.

I also have 2 cm area of sclerosis on my left iliac bone adjacent to the SI joint. The reader of the MRI says this finding is not significant and is meaningless. I find it very strange this area was discovered on an area positioned right beside my SI joint.

Am suffering with another Uveitis attack of my left eye.

MRI found a lot of thickening of ligamentum flavum plus bilateral facet joint arthrosis.

Also a central and left paracentral broad-based protrusion mildly contacting the left S1 nerve root with no significant narrowing of the central canal. Also thickening of ligamentum flavum and bilateral facet joint arthrosis.

I wish KickAS was still an active area as I certainly welcome feedback. Maybe, just maybe someone will still read/answer.

Thank you for reading.

- Carpal Tunnel in BOTH hands
- Depression (MDD) Major Depressive Disorder
- Pituitary Adenoma
- Scoliosis
- Spinal Arthritis with bone spurs on spine
- Multiple Scoliosis diagnosed
- Herniating spinal disc
- HLAB27+
- Final diagnosis: Mild lumbar spondylosis

Previously told Mechanical Back 'Issues'. Hate this term!