Thanks John, I appreciate you explaining it and I looked at the protocol on your drop box too. I am going to ask my doctor about possible trying. Your totally right about food. I didnt figure it out till ten years in pain without any doctors, chiros, physio, massgage suggesting i had AS. Before I know what it was I was tired of always been sore and I watched fat sick and nearly dead on netflix and did a juice fast and by 10 days in I felt amazing. I still didnt know I had AS and no doctors could explain why food was cause my inflamation. There is no doubt in my mind food impacts it, but I have not figured out if is a combination of food and the bodies reaction to mild starvation. I have not been able to get the same pain free results as fasting, so I wonder if the body tapers off the immune system and pain so that the body feels good and can source food when in starvation mode. Either way there is definatley a reduction in pain and inflamation by eating the right foods only, but I would love to get back to that feeling of pain free motion I got to taste while fasting.