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Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 2,363
bilko Offline OP
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Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 2,363

One of the best ways to do this is to download the handy guide provided by Rebecca Fett, author of "The Keystone Approach" Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome.

The Keystone Approach

[Condensed version, courtesy ndgo]
starch content of foods

THE STARCH CONTENT OF FOODS expressed as g/100g of food

Nomenclature: Tr trace
N present in significant quantities but there is no reliable information on the amount
( ) estimated value


Flours, grains and starches

Bran (wheat) 23.0
Chapati flour (brown) 70.5
(white) 75.5
Cornflour 92.0
Custard powder 92.0
Oatmeal (quick cook,raw) 64.9
Rye flour (whole) 75.9
Sago (raw) 94.0
Soya flour (full fat) 12.3
(low fat) 14.8
Tapioca (raw) 95.0
Wheat flour (brown) 66.8
(white,breadmaking) 73.9
(white,plain) 76.2
(white,self raising) 74.3
(wholemeal) 61.8
Wheatgerm (28.7)


Brown rice (raw) 80.0
(boiled) 31.6
Savoury rice (raw) 73.8
(cooked) 25.1
White rice (easy cook,raw) 85.8
(easy cook,boiled)
(fried in lard,dripping) 23.1


Macaroni (raw) 73.6
(boiled) 18.2
Noodles (egg,raw)
(egg,boiled) 12.8
Spaghetti (white,raw) 70.8
(white,boiled) 21.7
(wholemeal,raw) 62.5
(wholemeal,boiled) 21.9


Brown bread (average) 41.3
(toasted) 52.1
Chapatis (made with fat) 46.5
(made without fat) 42.1
Currant bread 36.3
(toasted) 40.7
Granary bread 44.1
Hovis (average) 39.7
(toasted) 50.9
Malt bread 30.7
Naan bread 44.6
Papadums (fried in vegetable oil) 39.1
Pitta bread (white) 55.5
Rye bread 44.0
Vitbe (average) 40.4
White bread (average) 46.7
(sliced) 43.8
(fried in blended oil) 45.3
(fried in lard) 45.3
(toasted) 53.4
French stick 53.5
'with added fibre' 46.3
(toasted) 55.1
Wholemeal bread (average) 39.8
(toasted) 46.6


Brown rolls (crusty) 48.5
(soft) 49.3
Croissants 37.2
Hamburger buns 46.6
White rolls (crusty) 55.4
(soft) 49.4
Wholemeal rolls (46.8) 46.8

Breakfast cereals

All-Bran 27.6
Bran Flakes 50.6
Coco Pops 56.1
Common Sense Oat Bran Flakes 57.2
Corn Flakes 77.7
Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes 52.3
Frosties 51.8
Fruit 'n Fibre 47.7
Muesli (Swiss style) 46.0
(with no added sugar) 51.4
Oat and Wheat Bran 51.0
Porridge (made with water) 9.0
(made with whole milk) 9.0
Puffed Wheat 67.0
Raisin Splitz 57.2
Ready Brek 66.9
Rice Krispies 79.1
Ricicles 53.8
Shredded Wheat 67.5
Shreddies 63.9
Smacks 39.6
Special K 64.5
Start 52.6
Sugar Puffs 28.0
Sultana Bran 39.2
Weetabix 70.5
Weetaflake 59.0
Weetos 52.9


Chocolate biscuits (full coated) 21.8
(cream filled, full coated) 19.5
Chocolate chip cookies 30.6
Cream crackers 68.3
Crispbread (rye) 67.4
Crunch biscuits (cream filled) 26.8
Digestive biscuits (chocolate) 38.0
(plain) 55.0
Flapjacks 28.0
Gingernut biscuits 43.3
Oat based biscuits 39.7
Oatcakes (retail) 59.9
Sandwich biscuits (cream filled) 37.3
(jam filled) 40.4
Semi-sweet biscuits 52.5
Short sweet biscuits 38.1
Shortbread 47.6
Wafer biscuits (filled) 21.3
Wafers (filled, chocolate, full coated) 17.0
Water biscuits 73.5
Wholemeal crackers 70.3


Banana bread 16.4
Battenburg cake 16.3
Cake mix (made up) 24.2
Carrot cake 13.2
Chocolate fudge cake 11.3
Crispie cakes 31.0
Fancy iced cakes (individual) 14.8
Fruit cake (plain, retail) 14.8
(rich) 11.2
(rich, iced) 7.7
(wholemeal) 23.2
Gateau (chocolate based, frozen) 17.6
(fruit, frozen) 17.8
Jaffa cakes 22.4
Madeira cake 21.9
Muffins (American style, chocolate chip) 23.8
Reduced fat cake 16.3
Rice cakes 79.2
Sponge cake 22.0
(made without fat) 22.1
(jam filled) 16.5
(with dairy cream and jam) 18.6
Swiss roll (chocolate, individual) 16.3


Flaky pastry (raw) 34.1
(cooked) 45.0


Milk and Milk Products

Skimmed Milk (average) 0
(fortified plus SMP) 0
(UHT, fortified) 0
Semi-skimmed milk (average) 0
(fortified plus SMP) 0
(UHT) 0
Whole milk (average) 0
(pasteurised) 0
(summer) 0
(winter) 0
(sterilised) 0
Condensed milk (skimmed,sweetened) 0
(whole,sweetened) 0
Dried skimmed milk 0
(with vegetable fat) 0
Evaporated milk (whole) 0
Flavoured milk Tr
Goats milk (pasteurised) 0
Human milk (colostrum) 0
(transitional) 0
(mature) 0
Sheeps milk (raw) 0
Soya milk (plain) 0
(flavoured) 0


Imitation creams

Dessert Top Tr
Dream Topping(made with whole milk) 2.1
(made up with semi-skimmed milk) 2.1
Elmlea (single) 0
(whipping) 0
(double) 0
Tip Top N


Puddings and chilled desserts

Cheesecake (frozen) 10.8
Creme caramel 2.6
Custard (made up with whole milk) 5.1
(made up with skimmed milk) 5.1
(canned) 3.1
Instant dessert powder 19.4
(made up with whole milk) 3.5
(made up with skimmed milk) 3.5
Jelly (made with water) 0
Milk pudding (made with whole milk) 9.3
(made with skimmed milk) 9.3
Mousse (chocolate) 2.4
(fruit) Tr
Rice pudding (canned) 5.8
Trifle 5.5
(with fresh cream) 4.5


Beans and lentils

Blackeye beans (dried raw) 47.5
(dried,boiled in unsalted water) 18.0
Broad beans (frozen,boiled in
unsalted water) 10.0
Butter beans (canned,re-heated,
drained) 10.9
Chick peas (whole,dried,raw) 43.8
(dried,boiled in unsalted water) 16.6
(canned,re-heated,drained) 15.1
Green beans/French beans (raw) 0.9
(frozen,boiled in unsalted water) 2.6
Hummus 9.3
Lentils (green and brown,whole,
dried,raw) 44.5
(dried,boiled in salted water) 15.9
(red,split,dried,raw) 50.8
(dried,boiled in unsalted water) 16.2
Mung beans (whole,dried,raw) 40.9
(dried,boiled in unsalted water) 14.1
Red kidney beans (dried raw) 38.0
(dried,boiled in unsalted water) 14.5
(canned,re-heated,drained) 12.8
Runner beans (raw) 0.4
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.3
Soya beans (dried raw) 4.8
(dried,boiled in unsalted water) 1.9
Tofu (soya bean,steamed) 0.3
(steamed fried) 0.9


Flaky pastry (raw) 34.1
(cooked) 45.0
Shortcrust pastry (raw) 45.8
(cooked) 53.2
Wholemeal pastry (raw) 37.2
(cooked) 43.1

Buns and pastries

Bagels (plain) 51.3
Chelsea buns 34.5
Crumpets (toasted) 42.3
Currant buns 36.6
Custard tarts (individual) 19.6
Danish pastries 22.8
Doughnuts (jam) 30.0
(ring) 31.9
Eccles cake 18.1
Eclairs (frozen) 19.5
Greek pastries 21.6
Hot cross buns 34.9
Jam tarts (retail) 27.4
Mince pies (individual) 31.5
Muffins (English style, white) 40.8
(English style, white, toasted) 47.3
Scones (fruit, retail) 37.3
(plain) 47.9
(wholemeal) 37.1
Scotch pancakes (retail) 21.5
Teacakes (toasted) 41.9


Bread pudding 14.7
Christmas pudding (retail) 10.1
Crumble (fruit) 14.0
(fruit, wholemeal) 10.3
Fruit pie (one crust) 13.1
(pastry top and bottom) 22.0
(individual) 25.8
(blackcurrant, pastry top and bottom) 22.0
Fruit pie (wholemeal, one crust) 10.6
(wholemeal, pastry top and bottom) 17.8
Lemon meringue pie 13.6
Pancakes (sweet, made with whole milk) 18.8
Sponge pudding (canned) 19.6
Treacle tart 29.2


Cheese and onion rolls (pastry) 24.2
Dumplings 24.0
Pancakes (savoury, made with whole milk) 20.2
Prawn crackers (takeaway) 56.0
Risotto (plain) 34.0
Stuffing mix (dried) 62.8
Stuffing (sage and onion) 23.1
Yorkshire pudding 21.0


Pizza base (raw) 54.1
Pizza (cheese and toato, deep pan) 31.5
(cheese and tomato, thin base) 30.3
(cheese and tomato, french bread) 29.0
(cheese and tomato, frozen) 28.1
(chicken topped, chilled) 29.2
(fish topped, takeaway) 26.2
(ham and pineapple, takeaway) 31.3
(meat topped) 27.3
(vegetarian) 26.9


Skimmed milk (average) 0
(pasteurised, average) 0
(pasteurised, fortified plus SMP) 0
(sterilised) 0
(UHT) 0
Semi-skimmed milk (average) 0
(pasteurised, average) 0
(pasteurised, summer) 0
(pasteurised, winter) 0
(pasteurised, fortified plus SMP) 0
(UHT) 0
Whole milk (average) 0
(pasteurised, average) 0
(pasteurised, summer) 0
(pasteurised, winter) 0
(sterilised) 0
(UHT) 0
Channel Island milk (whole) 0
(pasteurised) 0
Breakfast milk (pasteurised) 0
(average) 0
(summer) 0
(winter) 0

Processed milks

Condensed milk (skimmed, sweetened) 0
(whole, sweetened) 0
Dried skimmed milk 0
(with vegetable fat) 0
Evaporated milk (whole) 0
(light, 4% fat) 0
Flavoured milk (pasteurised) 0.2
(pasteurised, chocolate) 0.4
Milkshake (thick, takeaway) 0.3

Other milks

Goats milk (pasteurised) 0
Human milk (mature) 0
Sheeps milk (raw) 0
Soya (non-dairy alternative to milk, sweetened, calcium enriched) 0
Soya (non-dairy alternative to milk, unsweetened) 0

Fresh creams

Cream (single) 0
(soured) 0
(whipping) 0
(double) 0
(clotted) 0
Cream fraiche 0.3
(half fat) 1.4
Dairy cream (extra thick) 0

Sterilised creams

Cream (sterilised, canned) 0

UHT creams

Dairy cream (UHT, canned spray) 0
(UHT, canned spray, half fat) 0

Imitation creams

Dream Topping (made up with semi-skimmed milk) 2.1
Elmlea (single) 0
(whipping) 0
(double) 0
Tip Top dessert topping 1.9


Brie 0
Camambert 0
Cheddar cheese 0
Cheddar type (half fat) 0
Cheedar (vegetarian) 0
Cheese spread (plain) 0
(reduced fat) 0.6
Cottage cheese (plain) 0
(plain, reduced fat) 0
(plain, with additions) 0
Cream cheese 0
Danish blue 0
Edam 0
Feta 0
Goats milk soft cheese (full fat, white rind) 0
Gouda 0
Hard cheese (average) 0
Mozzarella (fresh) 0
Parmesan (fresh) 0
Processed cheese (plain) 0
(slices, reduced fat) 0
Spreadable cheese (soft white, low fat) 0
(soft white, medium fat) 0
(soft white, full fat) 0
Stilton (blue) 0
White cheese (average) 0

Yogurts and fromage frais

Whole milk yogurt (plain) 0
(fruit) 1.1
(infant, fruit flavour) 0.7
(twinpot, thick and creamy with fruit) 0.6 (includes maltodextrins)
Low fat yogurt (plain) 0.3
(fruit) 1.0
Virtually fat free/diet yogurt (plain) 0.3
(fruit) 0.7
Greek style yogurt (plain) 0.3
(fruit) 0.7
Drinking yogurt 0
Greek yogurt (sheep) 0
Lassi (sweetened) 0.2
Soya (alternative to yogurt, fruit) 0.7
Tzatziki 0.2
Fromage frais (plain) 0.3
(fruit) 0.6
(virtually fat free, natural) 0.2
(virtually fat free, fruit) 0.7

Ice creams

Choc ice 0.7
Chocolate nut sundae 1.3
Cornetto-type ice-cream cone 8.7
Frozen ice-cream desserts 0.7
Ice-cream bar (chocolate coated) 0.6
Ice-cream wafers 77.7
Ice-cream (dairy, vanilla) Tr
(dairy, premium) Tr
Ice-cream (non-dairy, vanilla) 0
Lollies (containing ice-cream) 0
(with real fruit juice) 0
Sorbet (fruit) 0

Puddings and chilled desserts

Banoffee pie 11.4
Cheesecake (frozen) 10.0
(fruit, individual) 9.1
Chocolate dairy desserts 2.7
Creme caramel 2.6
Custard (made up with whole milk) 5.1
(made up with semi-skimmed milk) 5.1
Custard (canned) 3.5
Instant dessert powder 19.4
Jelly (made with water) 0
Meringue 0
(with cream) 0
Milk pudding (made with whole milk) 9.2
Mousse (chocolate) 2.4
(chocolate, reduced fat) 2.2
(fruit) Tr
Pavlova (with fruit and cream) 1.1
(no fruit) 0.3
Profiteroles with sauce 6.4
Rice pudding (canned) 7.3
(canned, low fat) 7.2
Torte (fruit) 9.9
Trifle 4.3
(fruit) 4.2

Eggs and egg dishes

Eggs (chicken, raw) 0
(white, raw) 0
(yolk, raw) 0
(chicken, boiled) 0
(fried in vegetable oil) 0
(poached) 0
(scrambled, with milk) 0
(duck, whole, raw) 0

Egg dishes

Omelette (plain) 0
(cheese) 0
Quiche (cheese and egg) 15.6
(cheese and egg, wholemeal) 12.6
Quiche (Lorraine) 17.4

Fats and oils

Butter 0
(spreadable) 0
Blended spread (70-80% fat) 0
(40% fat) 0
Dairy spread (40% fat) 0
Margarine (hard, animal and vegetable fats) 0
(hard, vegetable fats only) 0
(soft, not polyunsaturated) 0
(soft, polyunsaturated) 0
Fat spread (70-80% fat, not polyunsaturated) 0
(70% fat, polyunsaturated) 0
(60% fat, polyunsaturated) 0
(60% fat, with olive oil) 0
(40% fat, not polyunsaturated) 0
(35-40% fat, polyunsaturated) 0.6
(20-25% fat, not polyunsaturated) Tr
(polyunsaturated) 0.8
(5% fat) 0

Cooking fats

Compound cooking fat 0
Dripping (beef) 0
Ghee (butter) 0
(vegetable) 0
Lard 0
Suet (shredded) 11.9
(vegetable) 10.2


Coconut oil 0
Cod liver oil 0
Corn oil 0
Evening primrose oil 0
Olive oil 0
Palm oil 0
Peanut (Groundnut) oil 0
Rapeseed oil 0
Safflower oil 0
Sesame oil 0
Soya oil 0
Sunflower oil 0
Vegetable oil (blended, average) 0
Walnut oil 0
Wheatgerm oil 0

Meat and meat products


Bacon rashers, back (raw) 0
(dry-fried) 0
(grilled) 0
(grilled crispy) 0
(microwaved) 0
(fat trimmed, raw) 0
(fat trimmed, grilled) 0
(reduced salt, grilled) 0
middle (grilled) 0
Bacon rashers, streaky (raw) 0
(grilled) 0
(fried) 0
Bacon (fat only, average, raw) 0
(average, cooked) 0
Ham 0
(gammon joint, raw) 0
(boiled) 0
(gammon rashers, grilled) 0


Beef (average, trimmed lean, raw) 0
(trimmed fat, raw) 0
Beef (fat, cooked) 0
Braising steak (braised, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
Fore-rib/rib-roast (raw, lean and fat) 0
(roasted, lean and fat) 0
Mince (raw) 0
(microwaved) 0
(stewed) 0
(extra lean, stewed) 0
Rump steak (raw, lean and fat) 0
(barbecued, lean) 0
(fried, lean) 0
(fried, lean and fat) 0
(grilled, lean) 0
(from steakhouse, lean) 0
(strips, stir-fried, lean) 0
Silverside (salted, boiled, lean) 0
Stewing steak (raw, lean and fat) 0
(stewed, lean and fat) 0
Topside (raw, lean and fat) 0
(roasted well-done, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0


Lamb (average, trimmed lean, raw) 0
(trimmed fat, raw) 0
(fat cooked) 0
Best end neck cutlets (raw, lean and fat) 0
(grilled, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
Breast (roasted, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
Leg (average, raw, lean and fat) 0
Leg, whole (roasted medium lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
Loin chops (raw, lean and fat) 0
(grilled, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
(microwaved, lean and fat) 0
(roasted, lean and fat) 0
Mince (raw) 0
(stewed) 0
Neck fillet (strips, stir-fried, lean) 0
Shoulder (raw, lean and fat) 0
diced, kebabs (grilled,lean and fat) 0
whole (roasted, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
Stewing lamb (pressure cooked, lean) 0
(stewed, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0


Pork (average, trimmed lean, raw) 0
(trimmed fat, raw) 0
(fat, cooked) 0
Belly joint/slices (grilled, lean and fat) 0
Diced (casseroled, lean only) 0
Fillet strips (stir-fried, lean) 0
Leg joint (raw, lean and fat) 0
(roasted medium, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
Loin chops (raw, lean and fat) 0
(barbecubed, lean and fat) 0
(grilled, lean) 0
(lean and fat) 0
(microwaved, lean and fat) 0
(roasted, lean and fat) 0
Steaks (raw, lean and fat) 0
(grilled, lean and fat) 0


Veal, (escalop, raw) 0
(fried) 0


Dark meat (raw) 0
Light meat (raw) 0
Meat (average, raw) 0
Breast (casseroled, meat only) 0
(grilled without skin, meat only) 0
(strips, stir-fried) 0
Breast in crumbs (chilled, fried) 14.0
Drumsticks (roasted, meat and skin) 0
Roasted (meat, average) 0
(dark meat) 0
(light meat) 0
(leg quarter, meat and skin) 0
(wing quarter, meat and skin) 0
Skin (dry, roasted/grilled) 0


Dark meat (raw) 0
Light meat (raw) 0
Meat (average, raw) 0
Breast (fillet, grilled, meat only) 0
(strips, stir-fried) 0
Roasted (dark meat) 0
(light meat) 0
(meat, average) 0
Skin (dry, roasted) 0


Duck (raw, meat only) 0
(crispy, Chinese style) 0
(roasted, meat only) 0
(meat, fat and skin) 0


Goose (roasted, meat, fat and skin) 0


Pheasant (roasted, meat only) 0


Rabbit (raw, meat only) 0
(stewed, meat only) 0


Venison (roast) 0


Heart (lamb, roasted) 0
Kidney (lamb, fried) 0
(ox, stewed) 0
(pig, stewed) 0
Liver (calf, fried) 0
(chicken, fried) 0
(lamb, fried) 0
(ox, stewed) 3.6
(pig, stewed) 3.6
Oxtail (stewed) 0
Tongue (sheep, stewed) 0
Tripe (dressed, raw) 0
Trotters and tails (boiled) 0

Burgers and grillsteaks

Beefburgers (chilled/frozen, raw) Tr
(fried) Tr
(grilled) Tr
Big Mac 16.6
Cheeseburger (takeaway) 21.2
Economy burgers (frozen, raw) 3.1
(grilled) 8.9
Grillsteaks (beef, chilled/frozen, grilled) Tr
Hamburger (takeaway) 21.2
Quarterpounder with cheese (takeaway) 14.0
Whopper burger 14.4

Meat products

Black pudding (dry-fried) 16.4
Chicken nuggets (takeaway) 18.4
Chicken pie (individual, chilled/frozen, baked) 23.0
Chicken roll 5.2
Corned beef (canned) 0
Cornish pastie 24.1
Frankfurter Tr
Game pie 31.2
Haggis (boiled) (19.2)
Liver sausage 5.0
Luncheon meat (canned) 3.6
Meat spread 2.1
Pate (liver) 0.8
(meat, reduced fat) 1.7
Polony (14.2)
Pork pie (individual) 22.7
Salami Tr
Sausages (beef, chilled, grilled) 11.7
(pork, raw, average) 6.8
(pork, chilled, fried) 8.4
Sausages (pork, chilled, grilled) 8.3
(reduced fat, chilled/frozen, grilled) 9.9
Sausages (premium, chilled, grilled) 5.4
Sausage rolls (puff pastry) (24.5)
Saveloy (unbattered, takeaway) 8.9
Scotch eggs (retail) 13.1
Steak and kidney pie (single crust, homemade) 15.4
Steak and kidney / Beef pie (individual, chilled/frozen, baked) 25.2
Stewed steak with gravey (canned) 0.6
Tongue slices 0
Turkey roll 4.7
White pudding (36.3)

Meat dishes

Beef bourguignonne 1.4
(made with lean beef) 1.4
Beef casserole (made with canned cook-in sauce) 1.8
Beef chow mein (retail, reheated) 12.3
Beef curry (chilled/frozen, reheated) 1.8
(with rice) 13.8
(reduced fat) 0.2
Beef stew 2.3
Beef, stir-fried with green peppers 2.2
Bolognese sauce (with meat) 0.2
Chicken chasseur 1.2
Chicken chow mein (takeaway) 6.6
Chicken curry (average, takeaway) 1.2
(chilled/frozen, reheated, with rice) 13.9
Chicken curry (made with canned curry sauce) 2.1
Chicken in white sauce (canned) 2.5
Chicken satay 1.4
Chicken tandoori (chilled, reheated) 1.0
Chicken tikka masala (retail) 0.6
Chicken wings (marinated, chilled/frozen, barbecued) 0.5
Chicken (stir-fried with rice and vegetables, frozen, reheated) 12.6
Chilli con carne 1.2
(chilled/frozen, reheated, with rice) 14.5
Coq au vin 2.8
Coronation chicken 0.2
Cottage/Shepherd's pie (chilled/frozen, reheated) 10.3
Doner kebabs (meat only) 0
(in pitta bread with salad) 12.3
Faggots in gravy (chilled/frozen, reheated) 10.8
Goulash 4.3
Irish stew 6.5
(made with lean lamb) 6.5
(canned) 5.6
Lamb curry (made with canned curry sauce) 2.1
Lamb kheema 1.1
Lamb/Beef hot pot with potatoes (chilled/frozen, retail, reheated) 9.6
Lancashire hotpot 5.8
Lasagne 11.7
(chilled/frozen, reheated 12.7
Meat samosas (takeaway) 16.8
Moussaka (chilled/frozen/longlife, reheated) 6.5
Pasta with meat and tomato sauce 10.7
Pork casserole (made with canned cook-in sauce) 1.5
Sausage casserole 2.7
Shish kebab (meat only) 0
(in pitta bread with salad) 15.0
Spaghetti bolognese (chilled/frozen, reheated) 2.3
(chilled/frozen, reheated, with spaghetti) 13.2
Spring rolls (meat, takeaway) 12.0
Sweet and sour chicken (takeaway) 8.8
Sweet and sour pork 3.4

Fish and fish products

White fish

Cod (raw) 0
(baked) 0
(poached) 0
(frozen, raw) 0
(frozen, grilled) 0
(in batter, fried in blended oil) 11.7
(in crumbs, frozen, fried in blended oil) 15.0
(in parsley sauce, frozen, boiled) 2.8
(dried, salted, boiled) 0
Coley (raw) 0
(steamed) 0
Haddock (raw) 0
(steamed) 0
(smoked, steamed) 0
(in crumbs, frozen, fried in blended oil) 12.6
Halibut (grilled) 0
Lemon sole (raw) 0
(steamed) 0
(goujons, baked) 13.9
(goujons, fried in blended oil) 13.4
Plaice (raw) 0
(frozen, steamed) 0
(in batter, fried in blended oil) 12.0
(in crumbs, fried in blended oil) (8.3)
(goujons, baked) 27.0
(goujons, fried in blended oil) 26.1
Rock Salmon/Dogfish (in batter, fried in blended oil) 10.3
Skate (in batter, fried in blended oil) (4.8)
Whiting (steamed) 0
(in crumbs, fried in blended oil) 6.8

Fatty fish

Anchovies (canned in oil, drained) 0
Eel (jellied) Tr
Herring (raw) 0
(grilled) 0
Kipper (raw) 0
(grilled) 0
Mackerel (raw) 0
(grilled) 0
(smoked) 0
Pilchards (canned in tomato sauce) 0.2
Salmon (raw) 0
(grilled) 0
(steamed) 0
(smoked) 0
(pink, canned in brine, flesh only, drained) 0
Sardines (canned in brine, drained) 0
(canned in oil, drained) 0
(canned in tomato sauce) Tr
Swordfish (grilled) 0
Trout (rainbow, grilled) 0
Tuna (canned in brine, drained) 0
(canned in oil, drained) 0
Whitebait (in flour, fried) (5.2)


Crab (boiled) Tr
(canned in brine, drained) Tr
Lobster (boiled) Tr
Prawns (boiled) 0
Scampi (in breadcrumbs, frozen, fried in blended oil) 20.5
Shrimps (canned in brine, drained) Tr
(frozen) Tr


Cockles (boiled) Tr
Mussels (boiled) Tr
Squid (frozen, raw) Tr
(in batter, fried in blended oil) 12.9
Whelks (boiled) Tr
Winkles (boiled) Tr

Fish products and dishes

Crabsticks 6.6
Curry (fish, Bangladeshi) Tr
(prawn, takeaway) 0.9
Fish balls (steamed) 5.5
Fish cakes (fried in blended oil) 16.8
Fish fingers (cod, fried in blended oil) 15.5
(grilled) 16.6
Fish paste 3.2
Fisherman's pie (retail) 7.2
Kedgeree 8.0
Roe (cod, hard, fried in blended oil) 3.0
Salmon en croute (retail) 17.1
Seafood cocktail 1.4
Seafood pasta (retail) 5.9
Szechuan prawns with vegetables (takeaway) 1.2
Taramasalata 4.1
Tuna pate Tr


Early potatoes

New potatoes (average, raw) 14.8
(boiled in unsalted water) 16.7
(in skins, boiled in unsalted water) 14.4
(canned, re-heated, drained) 14.4

Main crop potatoes

Old potatoes (average, raw) 16.6
(baked, flesh and skin) 30.5
(baked, flesh only) 17.3
(boiled in unsalted water) 16.3
(mashed with butter) 14.5
(roast in blended oil) 25.3
(roast in corn oil) 25.3
(roast in lard) 25.3

Chipped old potatoes

Chips (homemade, fried in blended oil) 29.5
(fried in corn oil) 29.5
(fried in dripping) 29.5
(retail, fried in blended oil) 28.8
(fried in dripping) 28.8
(fried in vegetable oil) 28.8
French fries (retail) 32.7
(straight cut, frozen, fried in blended oil) 35.3
(frozen, fried in corn oil) 35.3
(fried in dripping) 35.3
(fine cut, frozen, fried in blended oil) 40.6
(frozen, fried in corn oil) 40.6
(frozen, fried in dripping) 40.6
Microwave chips (cooked) 31.5
Oven chips (frozen, baked) 29.1

Potato products

Instant potato powder (made up with water) 12.7
(made up with whole milk) 12.7
Potato croquettes (fried in blended oil) 21.1
Potato fritters (battered, cooked) 25.2
Potato waffles (frozen, cooked) 29.8

Beans and lentils

Aduki beans (dried, boiled in unsalted water) 20.8
Baked beans (canned in tomato sauce, re-heated) 9.4
(reduced sugar, reduced salt) 9.7
Beansprouts (mung, raw) 1.8
(stir fried in blended oil) 1.1
Black gram (urad gram, dried, raw) 37.6
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 13.0
Blackeye beans (dried, raw) 47.5
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 18.0
Broad beans (frozen, boiled in unsalted water) 10.0
Butter beans (canned, re-heated, drained) 10.9
Chick pea flour/besan flour (43.8)
Chick peas (whole, dried, raw) 43.8
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 16.6
(canned, re-heated, drained) 15.1
Green beans/French beans (raw) 0.9
(frozen, boiled in unsalted water) 2.6
Hummus 9.3
Lentils (green and brown, whole, dried, raw) 44.5
(dried, boiled in salted water) 15.9
Lentils (red, split, dried, raw) 50.8
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 16.2
Mung beans (whole, dried, raw) 40.9
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 14.1
Red kidney beans (dried, raw) 38.0
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 14.5
(canned, re-heated, drained) 12.8
Runner beans (raw) 0.4
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.3
Soya beans (dried, raw) 4.8
(dried, boiled in unsalted water) 1.9
Tofu (soya bean, steamed) 0.3
(steamed, fried) 0.9


Mange-tout peas (raw) 0.8
(boiled in salted water) 0.5
(stir-fried in blended oil) 0.2
Mushy peas (canned, re-heated) 10.7
Peas (raw) 7.0
(boiled in unsalted water) 7.6
(frozen, boiled in salted water) 4.7
(boiled in unsalted water) 4.7
(canned, re-heated, drained) 6.3
Petit pois (frozen, boiled in unsalted water) Tr
Processed peas (canned, re-heated, drained) 14.7

Vegetables, general

Artichokes, Globe (boiled) 0
Artichokes, Jerusalem (boiled) 0
Asparagus (raw) 0.1
(boiled in salted water) Tr
Aubergine/Egg plant (raw) 0.2
(fried in corn oil) 0.2
Beetroot (raw) 0.6
(boiled in salted water) 0.7
(pickled, drained) Tr
Broccoli (green, raw) 0.1
(boiled in unsalted water) Tr
Brussel sprouts (raw) 0.8
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.3
(frozen, boiled in unsalted water) 0.4
Cabbage (raw, average) 0.1
(boiled in unsalted water, average) 0.1
(white, raw) 0.1
Carrots (old, raw) 0.3
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
(young, raw) 0.2
(young, boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
(canned, re-heated, drained) 0.4
Cauliflower (raw) 0.4
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
Celery (raw) Tr
(boiled in salted water) Tr
Chicory (raw) 0.2
Courgette/Zucchini (raw) 0.1
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.1
(fried in corn oil) 0.1
Cucumber (raw) 0.1
Curly kale (raw) 0.1
(boiled in salted water) 0.1
Fennel (Florence, raw) 0.1
(boiled in salted water) 0.1
Garlic (raw) 14.7
Gherkins (pickled, drained) 0.2
Gourd (karela, raw) 0.8
Leeks (raw) 0.3
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
Lettuce (average, raw) Tr
(Iceberg, raw) Tr
Marrow (raw) 0.1
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
Mixed vegetables (frozen, boiled in salted water) 3.0
Mushrooms (common, raw) 0.2
(fried in butter) 0.2
(fried in corn oil) 0.2
Mustard and cress (raw) Tr
Okra (raw) 0.5
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.5
(stir-fried in corn oil) 0.8
Onions (raw) Tr
(fried in corn oil) 0.1
(pickled, drained) Tr
(pickled, cocktail/silverskin, drained) Tr
Parsnip (raw) 6.2
(boiled in unsalted water) 6.4
Peppers (capsicum, chilli, green, raw) Tr
(capsicum, green, raw) 0.1
(green, boiled in salted water) 0.2
(capsicum, red, raw) 0.1
(red, boiled in salted water) 0.1
Plantain (boiled in unsalted water) 23.0
(ripe, fried in vegetable oil) 36.0
Pumpkin (raw) 0.3
(boiled in salted water) 0.1
Quorn (pieces, as purchased) 1.1
Radish (red, raw) Tr
Shallots (raw) Tr
Spinach (raw) 0.1
(boiled in unsalted water) Tr
(frozen, boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
Spring greens (raw) 0.4
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.2
Spring onions (bulbs and tops, raw) 0.2
Swede (raw) 0.1
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.1
Sweet potato (raw) 15.6
(boiled in salted water) 8.9
Sweetcorn (baby, canned, drained) 0.6
(kernels, canned, re-heated, drained) 16.6
(on-the-cob, whole, boiled in unsalted water) 16.9
Tomatoes (raw) Tr
(fried in corn oil) 0.1
(grilled) Tr
(canned, whole contents) 0.2
Turnip (raw) 0.2
(boiled in unsalted water) 0.1
Watercress (raw) Tr
Yam (raw) 27.5
(boiled in unsalted water) 32.3

Vegetable dishes

Beanburger (soya, fried in vegetable oil) 9.1
Bubble and squeak (fried in vegetable oil) 8.4
Cannelloni (vegetable) 13.0
Casserole (vegetable) 5.5
Cauliflower cheese (made with semi-skimmed milk) 2.1
Chilli (vegetable) 5.6
Coleslaw (with mayonnaise, retail) 0.2
(with reduced calorie dressing, retail) 0.1
Curry (chick pea dahl) 14.7
(vegetable, retail, with rice) 14.0
Flan (vegetable) 17.3
Garlic mushrooms (not coated) 0.3
Lasagne (vegetable, retail) 9.0
Moussaka (vegetable, retail) 3.5
Nut roast 15.3
Pakora/bhajia (vegetable, retail) 17.5
Pancakes (stuffed with vegetables) 9.9
Pasty (vegetable) 31.3
Pie (vegetable) 15.7
Ratatouille (retail) 0.1
Risotto (vegetable) 16.3
Salad (green) 0.1
(potato, with mayonnaise, retail) 10.2
Salad (rice) 18.3
Samosas (vegetable, retail) 27.3
Sauerkraut Tr
Shepherd's pie (vegetable, retail) 11.4
Tagliatelle (with vegetables, retail) 8.6
Vegeburger (retail, grilled) 4.4
Vegetable and cheese grill/burger (in crumbs, baked/grilled) 18.6
Vegetable bake 8.6
Vegetable kiev (baked) 13.4
Vegetable stir fry mix (fried in vegetable oil) 2.5
Vegetables (stir-fried, takeaway) 1.6
Vegetarian sausages (baked/grilled) 2.9

Herbs and spices

Chilli powder N
Chinese 5 spice N
Cinnamon (ground) N
Curry powder N
Garam masala N
Mint (fresh) N
Mixed herbs (dried) N
Mustard powder N
Nutmeg (ground) N
Paprika N
Parsley (fresh) 0.4
Pepper (black) Tr
(white) Tr
Rosemary (dried) N
Sage (dried, ground) N
Thyme (dried, ground) N


Fruit, general

Apples (cooking, raw, peeled) Tr
(stewed with sugar) Tr
(stewed without sugar) Tr
(eating, average, raw) Tr
(raw, peeled) Tr
Apricots (raw) 0
(ready to eat) Tr
(canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Avocado (average) Tr
Bananas 2.3 (These are proportions for yellow ripe bananas.
The starch content falls and the sugar content rises, upon ripening.)
Blackberries (raw) 0
(stewed with sugar) 0
Blackcurrents (raw) 0
(stewed with sugar) 0
Cherries (raw) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
(glace) 0
Cherry pie filling 3.9
Clementines 0
Currants 0
Damsons (raw) 0
(stewed with sugar) 0
Dates (raw) 0
(dried) 0
Dried mix fruit 0
Figs (dried) 0
(ready to eat) 0
Fruit cocktail (canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Fruit pie filling 5.5
Fruit salad (homemade) 0.3
Gooseberries (cooking, raw) o
(stewed with sugar) 0
Grapefruit (raw) 0
(canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Grapes (average) 0
Guava (raw) 0.1
(canned in syrup) Tr
Kiwi fruit 0.3
Lemon peel 0
Lemons (whole, without pips) 0
Lychees (raw) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Mandarin oranges (canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Mangoes (ripe, raw) 0.3
Melon (Canteloupe-type) 0
(Galia) 0
(Honeydew) 0
(watermelon) 0
Mixed peel 0
Nectarines 0
Olives (in brine) 0
Oranges 0
Passion fruit 0
Paw-paw (raw) 0
(canned in juice) 0
Peaches (raw) 0
(canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Pears (average, raw) 0
(raw, peeled) 0
(canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Pineapple (raw) 0
(canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Plums (average, raw) 0
(average, stewed with sugar) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Prunes (canned in juice) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
(ready to eat) 0
Raisins 0
Raspberries (raw) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Rhubarb (raw) 0
(stewed with sugar) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Satsumas 0
Strawberries (raw) 0
(canned in syrup) 0
Sultanas 0
Tangerines 0

Nuts and seeds

Almonds 2.7
Brazil nuts 0.7
Cashew nuts (roasted and salted) 13.2
Chestnuts 29.6
Coconut (creamed block) 0
(dessicated) 0
Coconut milk 0
Hazelnuts 2.0
Macadamia nuts (salted) 0.8
Marzipan (home-made) 1.5
(retail) 0
Mixed nuts 3.9
Peanut butter (smooth) 6.4
Peanuts and raisins 3.5
Peanuts (plain) 6.3
(dry roasted) 6.5
(roasted and salted) 3.3
Pecan nuts 1.5
Pine nuts 0.1
Pistachio nuts (roasted and salted) 2.5
Sesame seeds 0.5
Sunflower seeds 16.3
Tahini paste 0.5
Trail mix 0.1
Walnuts 0.7

Sugars, preserves and snacks

Sugars, syrups and preserves

Chocolate spread Tr
Chocolate nut spread 0.8
Fruit spread 0.7
Glucose liquid (BP) N
Honey 0
Honeycomb 0
Ice-cream sauce (topping) 2.9
Jaggery 7.9
Jam (fruit with edible seeds) 0
(reduced sugar) 0
(stone fruit) 0
Lemon curd 22.3
Marmalade 0
Mincemeat Tr
Sugar (Demerara) 0
(white) 0
Syrup (golden) 0
Treacle (black)

Chocolate confectionary

Bounty bar 10.6
Chocolate covered caramels Tr
Chocolate (fancy and filled) 0.2
(milk) Tr
(plain) 0.9
(white) Tr
Creme egg Tr
Kit Kat 12.9
Mars bar 11.1
Milky Way 6.7
Smartie-type sweets 3.1
Snickers 8.3
Twix 16.8

Non-chocolate confectionary

Boiled sweets 0.4
Cereal chewy bar 25.6
Cereal crunchy bar 28.2
Chew sweets Tr
Fruit gums/jellies 1.9
Fruit pastilles 3.4
Fudge 0
Liquorice allsorts 9.4
Marshmallows 4.5
Peppermints 0
Sherbert sweets Tr
Toffees (mixed) Tr
Turkish delight (without nuts) 9.3

Savoury snacks

Bombay Mix 32.8
Breadsticks 67.5
Corn snacks 49.7
Popcorn (cadied) 15.5
(plain) 47.6
Pork scratchings Tr
Potato crisps 52.6
(lower fat) 62.0
Potato rings 58.0
Pot savouries 46.9
(made up) 13.3
Tortilla chips 58.9
Twiglets 60.9


Powdered drinks and essences

Bournvita powder 27.0
Build-up powder (shake) Tr
(soup) 24.0
Cocoa powder 11.5
Coffee and chicory essence 2.2
Coffee (infusion, average) 0
(instant) 4.5
Coffeemate Tr
Complan powder (original & sweet) Tr
(savoury) 5.6
Drinking chocolate powder Tr
(made up with whole milk) Tr
(made up with semi-skimmed milk) Tr
(reduced fat) Tr
Horlicks LowFat Instant powder N
Horlicks powder 25.0
Instant drinks powder (chocolate, low calorie) Tr
(malted) Tr
Milk shake powder Tr
Ovaltine powder 34.4
Tea (black, infusion, average) 0

Carbonated drinks

Cola Tr
(diet) 0
Fruit juice drink (carbonated, ready to drink) 0
Ginger ale (dry) 0
Lemonade 0
Lucozade Tr
Tonic water 0

Squash and cordials

Blackcurrent juice drink (undiluted) Tr
Fruit drink/squash (undiluted) 0
Fruit juice drink (ready to drink) 0
(low calorie, ready to drink) 0
Lime juice cordial (undiluted) Tr
Sunny Delight Tr


Apple juice (unsweetened) 0
Cranberry juice N
Grape juice (unsweetened) 0
Grapefruit juice (unsweetened) 0
Lemon juice (fresh) 0
Orange juice (unsweetened) 0
Orange juice concentrate (unsweetened) 0
Pineapple juice (unsweetened) 0
Tomato juice Tr

Alcoholic beverages


Beer (bitter, average) 0
Bitter (best/premium) 0
Brown ale (bottled) 0
Lager 0
(alcoholic-free) 0
(low alcohol) 0
(premium) 0
Pale ale (bottled) 0
Shandy 0
Stout (Guinness) 0
Strong ale/barley wine 0


Cider (dry) 0
(low alcohol) 0
(sweet) 0
(vintage) 0


Red wine 0
Rose wine (medium) 0
White wine (dry) 0
(medium) 0
(sparkling) 0
(sweet) 0

Fortified wines

Port 0
Sherry (dry) 0
(medium) 0
(sweet) 0


Vermouth (dry) 0
(sweet) 0


Cream liqueurs Tr
Liqueurs (high strength) 0
(low-medium strength) 0


Spirits (40% volume) 0

Soups, sauces and miscellaneous foods

Canned soups

Chicken soup (cream of, canned) 3.4
(condensed) 4.6
(condensed, as served) 2.3
Low calorie soup (canned) 2.0
Minestrone soup (canned) 4.5
Mushroom soup (cream of canned) 3.1
Oxtail soup (canned) 4.2
Tomato soup (cream of, canned) 3.3
(condensed) 3.4
(condensed, as served) 1.7
Vegetable soup (canned) 4.8

Packet soups

Chicken noodle soup (dried, as served) 2.7
Instant soup powder (dried) 34.1
(made up with water) 5.6
Minestrone soup (dried, as served) 2.7
Tomat soup (dried, as served) 2.1
Vegetable soup (dried, as served) 3.2

Dairy sauces

Bread sauce (made with whole milk) 9.9
(made with semi-skimmed milk) 9.9
Cheese sauce (made with whole milk) 4.6
(made with semi-skimmed milk) 4.6
Cheese sauce packet mix (made with whole milk) 3.9
(made with semi-skimmed milk) 3.9
Onion sauce (made with whole milk) 3.6
(made with semi-skimmed milk) 3.5
White sauce (savoury, made with whole milk) 5.6
(made with semi-skimmed milk) 5.6
(sweet, made with whole milk) 5.2
(sweet, made with semi-skimmed milk) 5.2

Salad sauces, dressings and pickles

Apple chutney 0.1
Chutney (mango, oily) 0.4
(tomato) 2.9
Dips (sour-cream based) Tr
Dressing (French, 'fat free') 0.6
(blue cheese) 1.0
(French) 0
(thousand island) 1.7
Mayonnaise (retail) 0.4
(reduced calorie) 3.6
Pickle (sweet) 2.1
Salad cream Tr
(reduced calorie) 0.2

Non-salad sauces

Barbecue sauce 0.1
Brown sauce (sweet) 2.6
Cook-in-sauces (canned) 3.3
Curry sauce (canned) 3.4
Horseradish sauce 3.0
Mint sauce 0
Pasta sauce (tomato based) 1.2
Piccalilli 2.8
Relish (burger/chilli/tomato) 2.5
(corn/cucumber/onion) 3.6
Soy sauce 0.9
Sweet and sour sauce (canned) 3.3
(takeaway) 5.3
Tartare sauce 1.7
Tomato ketchup 1.1
Worcestershire sauce 0.8

Miscellaneous foods

Baking powder 37.8
Gelatine 0
Gravy instant granules 39.3
(made up) 2.9
Meat extract 2.8
Mustard (smooth) 1.9
(wholegrain) 0.3
Salt 0
Stock cubes (beef) N
(chicken) 7.9
(vegetable) 9.4
Tomato puree 0.1
Vinegar 0
Water (distilled) 0
Yeast extract 1.9
Yeast (bakers, compressed) 1.1
(dried) (3.5)

This we prescribe though no physician . . .
Our doctors say this is no month to bleed.
(Rich. II)

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AS Czar
AS Czar
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Pertinent information in correspondence with Carol:

With regard the McCance & Widdowson's starch ratings, if you have a copy of my previous book you'll see on page 45 I listed a number of the vegetables that according to their ratings, should be safe to eat. However, when testing with iodine, some of these react badly showing a great deal of starch, and some don't show any at all despite their book saying they're high in starch. Garlic powder, for example (I don't have my McCance & Widdowson to hand) from memory rated very high in starch in their book. However, I've tested it many times with iodine and never discovered any starch. I also use it a lot and have no adverse reaction to it. On the other hand, cabbage, which they say contains only 0.1, does contain starch is well known even for people without IBS/AS to be a cause of 'wind'.

I decided (and still stick to this) that the iodine test is the best indicator of starch, for me. But of course, the other thing that McCance & Widdowson don't talk about, is the difference in starch in plants, depending on how ripe it is when you test it or (in the case of fruit) whether it was tree ripened or stored in an unripe state in cold storage, for months before being put on the supermarket shelves. This makes a huge difference as the starch in the fruit never gets a chance to turn to sugar. They give no indication of how ripe/fresh the fruit and veg. was when they tested it. But as the original book was written years ago it is possible that everything they tested was reasonably fresh and not subjected to supermarket storage methods.

As you're no doubt bored with hearing me explain, when I first went on the diet over 15 years ago, I never found any starch in, for example, sweet apples. Now when tested they all go almost the same colour as bread. The poor things have been picked green the previous autumn and stored for months until they're brought out in the spring of the next year. Ever wondered why your local supermarket has out-of-season fruit and veg. all year round? This is why. For normal people this won't matter (except it ruins the taste) but it can cause real problems for me.

So although McCance & Widdowson are an industry guide, I would recommend that all IBS/AS sufferers test with iodine. It seems really reliable.

Carol's book is a very helpful guide.

Things to consider for those just starting the programme:

Lactose, the sugar component of milk, is also food for Klebsiella pneumoniae and promotes their growth at about half the rate starches do, so at least when starting the diet it is best to avoid milk products; they should be 'experimented' with back in after several weeks feeling better.

FRIED foods greatly change the character of the tract and the number of free-radicals and lectins, or damaging protein bits, is increased many times. Additionally, the sticky nature of the fry oils and their hydrophilic properties make them bad for the tract, generally, and specifically could trap food in proximity to existing lesions (Crohn's-like microlesions) and assure coupling--a bridge--for the substrate and the bad bacterium.

PROCESSING of foods can make them more provocative: Wheat has a starch content, but the micronization process of milling it into flour causes its surface area to increase hundreds of millions of times (colloid chemistry), presenting a massive substrate that can be seeded with billions of bacteria. If you want to do LSD and incorporate things like rice into your diet, the reason we don't react to steamed (not fried) rice is that there are much fewer bits; rice flour could still be a danger. Also, when sugar is caramelized, it polymerizes into a hardened chain that is not digested early enough to avoid becoming Kp food; eat caramel sparingly.

Supplementation is urgent in all cases of AS, and calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, copper, selenium, esterC, vitE, Bcomplex, EFAs (especially borage seed oil or evening primrose for GLAs--at night is best) are important. However some ignorant manufacturers use starch as a filler/binder and this can be devastating. I have been knocked into a major flare by taking just a couple of enzyme pills, trusting instead of testing. So, test everything and, certainly, take the supplements.

Tract-supportive foods include lychee fruit, okra (some react to this), yoghurt (some fewer react to this; be sure to locate live active cultures, starch-free like Stonyfield Farms brand), salmon, tuna, all melons, grapes, cranberries, cherries, and tofu<--these don't have to be tested. Eat many small meals, and one afternoon meal daily should consist of a raw selection of: Lettuce, celery, carrots, and/or cucumber. Other things that could help include glutamine, rutin, quercetin (some have bad reaction to this), colostrum, aloe vera, and noni juice.

Evacuation of the tract should occur in natural cycles, with food being processed out of the tract within 12-14 hours (charcoal tablets before a meal can serve as indicator). Some foods can cause transit time to increase, especially milk products (ice cream) or the combination of starches with protein (sandwiches esp cheeseburgers). In such a condition, an old fashioned physick may help: About 2 tsp Epsom salts in 4-6 oz warm water. Some like senna extract, which should be better than castor oil (last resort).

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Joined: May 2003
Posts: 1,645
Thanks Bilko,

That is awesome to have the starch content of so many foods. Should be a big help for many especially those just starting the diet.

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Joined: Mar 2003
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Thank you so much for the list. I truly appreciate your contributions to this forum!

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I adorn you with my countries highest accolade:

You da man!!

Thanks for the list,

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Hi Bilko,
Thanks very much for the list.

Given the fact that most of the us (patients) don't have doc support/monitoring/tests for any diets and patients(atleast I can't when in pain) can't judge/make decisions properly, would it be possible to get the following info :

* Number of servings / day for LSD.
* When is LSD recommended ? When is LSD not recommended ? The criterion for continuing/discontinuing LSD
* Based on Prof. Ebringer studies following statistics:
Percent people with significant clinical improvement in 1/2/3 months: aa
Percent people with some clinical improvement in 1/2/3 months: bb
Percent people with no/negative clinical improvement in 1/2/3 months: cc

Many more questions ....

Info approved/signed by Prof. Ebringer is very much appreciated/needed/required. This will minimize any individual bias.
Also corresponding info from docs that do not approve Prof. Ebringer studies are very useful.


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This list is just what I need, it is clear and straight-forward. It is hard to start his diet, especially with a family to cook for. Now I have a handy list to use when planning meals.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.


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Good one Bilko, will help me to extract the digit (coll) and finish the glossary i started a year ago...


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Thankyou Bilko and John.This is more clear.

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Joined: Jul 2002
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Thanks for adding this useful stuff to the "numbers" John.
I'll just add my tuppence about cabbage as i've come to regard it so highly - for myself.

On the other hand, cabbage, which they say contains only 0.1, does contain starch is well known even for people without IBS/AS to be a cause of 'wind'.

This "wind" is common and some people don't like the smell either. However, the people who react to cabbage (in this manner) also seem to react to onions so i believe it is a reaction to inulin and/or FOS rather than starch - i choose "sugarloaf" and chinese/korean varieties with simpler carbohydrates and probably higher acidopholus population for eating raw or steamed/broiled on low heat only. It could be that hot cooking creates unwanted carbos too.
I'd be interested to know if the same people react to sauerkraut, although i know that many won't like the slight "ester" smell.


NSAIDs = biochemical warfare where our tactical decisions are hostile to our strategic interests.


One cannot believe all one reads on the Internet...
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