I have AS for about 35 years. I’m in my late 50s and did not get diagnosed until I was 54, in spite of all types of Doctor visits, Physical therapy etc. My spine was already fused by the time I was diagnosed. OK, the bed…for me a Tempurpedic, mattress, firm, WAS A GAMECHANGER. I bought it from Costco on sale and figured I could return it if it didn’t help.

It is still the only place I’m truly comfortable, is when I’m laying on it. Some days, I can’t sit, walk, stand because the pain is so bad…I lie down and listen to audiobooks from audible. It’s amazing. Being a working mother, means I cannot lie down all day, however I thank God all the time for this wonderful mattress. I’m comfy most nights if I don’t move around. Peace to all who have this.