Hello Jason:

I was kinda afraid of receiving the vaccinations but for a different reason. I have MS and it can be a picky [*bleep*] at the best of times. I was scared the Vaccines would overwhelm my MS treatment, Aubagio.

Well sure enough after the shot, I began dragging my left leg when walking. The next day it was gone. I personally think this reaction happened because I was very nervous of the vaccine and nerves and MS are really not good friends. LOL

I would certainly double-check with your doctors. I feel vaccine manufacturer's have tested the heck out of the vaccines so they work tops for every different person receiving them.

Best of luck, Jason! I, too, am happy to read you are doing well.

- Angie -

- Carpal Tunnel in BOTH hands
- Depression (MDD) Major Depressive Disorder
- Pituitary Adenoma
- Scoliosis
- Spinal Arthritis with bone spurs on spine
- Multiple Scoliosis diagnosed
- Herniating spinal disc
- HLAB27+
- Final diagnosis: Mild lumbar spondylosis

Previously told Mechanical Back 'Issues'. Hate this term!