Hi Wolverinefan - good to see ya posting here again. I pop in from time-to-time, though several months have passed since the last time. Been hospitalised. FIRST with a DVT and PE. They opened the artery with the Drug-Balloon approach. Good surgeon and excellent care. Then, a few months later, VTE : venous thromboembolism, lungs full of b/clots. Am now a lifer on Warfarin. Took them a while to get me stabilised. Then a full rectal prolapse plus a rectocele. Fab surgeon, removed a chunk of colon; really knew her stuff, an excellent anastomosis, and great with it. Was well looked after, and now pretty much recovered.
On top of all that, have a quasi Dx of MS...!! But not taking that any further. It is what it is. The LDN keeps me OK, and an occasional Paracetamol / Codeine takes care of the rest. One kicksAS and staggers gently on !
Will look you up on f/b. I go under Mec Cham - which are my initials. Take care man - Keep well, stay well.

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS