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Hello again smile

Hope everyone is doing ok during this pandemic.

My GP is always curious about his patients mental well-being...I told him, "As someone with chronic illness, I have a lot of practice staying home (when I flare), sitting in a recliner on ice for a week or more at a time. Plus I have a good home environment and nice yard. So, I got this." In some ways, with everyone else having to stay at home, it kind of levels the playing field for me. I was even able to go to a (virtual) conference that I normally can't attend because I can't travel to the locations they have it at, but virtually, now I can participate smile

Hello Sue,

So good to "see" you!I said the exact same thing to several friends and doctors--COVID quarantines were nothing for me since I don't go out that often these days anyhow. I said to then, "welcome to my world." Lol

Hope you're doing well.


He who has a 'why' to live can bear with almost any 'how'.
--Friedrich Nietzsche

Sounds like everything takes time, discipline, and patience, and those are seven things I don't have.
--Jon Dore