I don't think it contains starch. I have been using a pre-bread mix called KZ Clean Eating Bread Mix for bread where you can add water and cook it fast. I found this was one of few ways to bulk up on fiber. You could try it.

I do blood work often for inflammation markers because it's free. I had inflammation CRP and ESR. When I did my strategy for no starch, I reduced my blood work to zero inflammation on diet alone. The problem was getting HUNGRY without starch or certain type of carbohydrates.

I had a dietician recommend adding LUPIN BEANS to my diet. It worked to boost my energy and reduce the food cravings from going zero starch. I am going several years without progression or activation of Ankylosing Spondylitis now.

For anyone out there that works out at the gym and needs energy, but does not want to include STARCH in their diet.....

1. Consider making a loaf of bread without starch to replace that habit
2. Add lupin beans (mostly protein) and roast them with a BBQ sauce or other flavor for snack time
3. Switch to lactose-free cottage cheese or yogurt to reduct the sugars your gut is feeding off (It's sweeter too!)
4. When swallowing pills or herbs or consuming water, you can use a herb tincture called Astragalus and put a few drops in the water to actively reduce inflammation
5. Eat and load up on broccoli, bacteria can't latch onto certain cellulose in the GI Tract
6. EXERCISE was the biggest factor in keeping the progression from happening, when I stopped the GYM during Wave 1 of COVID, everything painful came flooding back in because I was not practicing any of these habits above...

Ultimately, I am not giving medical advice or professional guidance. This is what has worked for me. I have not progressed. Going starch-free might not be the only thing that other people need ot do.

If you find following something super strict hard, the best you can do while keeping it simple is daily exercise for more than 45 minutes with 1 day break.

Don't confuse movement with actions.