Hi, I hope you all feel good, even though winter is not a good friend for the majority of AS-kickers
I want to remind you and share my experience with coffee ... For a long time I was a constant consumer of coffee, and contrary to all that was said I did not think that my daily intake of coffee it wil hurt me, because I felt good mentally and even physically hours after i consumed it ... The problem and the great difficulty was to notice that,even the symptoms of AS they did not appear immediately after drinking coffee,the mood of well-being deteriorates over time and foods that seemed safe, became unsafe and the body's reaction was more aggressive the more coffee i consumed .... As for most people, coffee in the past was a treat for me, even a vice (if I can says so) so i refused to believe that it could hurt me...The final conclusion i whant to share it with you is that i noticed there is a close connection between leakygut - a symptom aggravated by coffee/caffeine regular consumption and food sensitivity ...

ps: The diet works well even after more than 6 years, big THANK YOU John (Dragonslayer) for what you did for A.S community- you are a life-saver.

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