Hi Tim -
Yes. All is well here in France. One staggers on. Masks mandatory in enclosed-public places. So, one wears a mask...
A few more cases, though Brittany has been fairly clear so far - in fact they were ferrying serious cases of Covid from Paris *to Brittany just several weeks back. Hospitals not in the least overcrowded, people staying away - just got to hope that come autumn, the usual flu won't be too serious ! Heigh-Ho.
Good weather. Garden full of flowers - the potagere full of weeds and current bushes that won't ! Strange weather patterns and strange gardening - but the roses are good, thorny ones that they are.
Good hearing from everyone - KA 'always' my 'go-to-family'.
Take care y'all -
MollyC1i - keeps on-a-going (innit) :))

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