Hello everyone ... i'm new here and this is my first post.
Well, 4 years ago i started feeling much pain in my upper back, everynight the same nightmare, i woke up at 4 or 5 am because of pain and no way to stop it since i'm still in bed, my breathing is painfull too. i felt like my sternal bone will open up from pain.
So i leave my sweet bed and start doing things. 30 minutes to an hour after i can sleep again (well just be in bed) because i can't sleep anymore. And so on, days after days, months after months.
In the begining i thought that it is linked with the fact that i bought a new car (how bed feeling), then that's a problem of the pilow, so i changed it ... nada. May be the matress, so i changed it too. There was nothing to do.
Then i was pretty sure that it's due to my life style : for years i worked a lot, eated less.
My right hip started to give me shooting pain time to time, especially when i was in the gym (when i open my leg), then i noticed that there is a difference between the left and the right hip. This one is much inflated than the left one.
Meanwhile, in june 2017, began preparing my wedding and put all my health condition on the side since i did not had a minute for me.
After my wedding, my pains worsened that i couldn't stay in bed with my husband for too long, or woke up pretty much early than him ... anyway, it's here where i did really started my journey with doctors.
Sadly, i'm on the fifth rehumy , and none of them could see what i'm passing through, because i do a normal day-life and it's seems that i belong to a non radiologic/ seronegative form of AS .
Today, my rehumy told me that i'm just being obsessed by the AS, and that i have to be grateful that i respond to the NSAI and when will be other symptoms or any signs of the illness she will be the first to give me the diagnosis.
For informations, i'm pills free since March, 17, 2020 . I was just afraid from having the coronavirus.

It's just helpless to not find someone to talk to, neither a rehumy who listens to you, it's soul depressing.
Kickas gave more informations then any doctor out there. i found about 2 months ago, i read a lot and learn from all of you. So i'm thankful for all of you, especially for the NSD thread. I'm on it, still learning , but the first results are satisfying, since that i feel much better this last week than ever. Those last 2 months were such a deep soul pain, physical pain. There was days that i could not even move from my chair because of chest pain, stiffness and fatigue.
Honestly, i don't really want to be diagnosed like an AS patient, but it will help me a lot to not feel the i'm crazy and that i don't create all this pain from my imagination.

I feel just too bad today.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes have no tears.