I have read on this site many times, but never posted. I've had AS for over 16 years and nights were always the hardest. My husband was diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer in his pelvis and had a major surgery. We were given a Temperpedic bed. Tempur Flex Highbrid are words printed on my mattress and I remember being told that it was on the firmer scale.
It has all the whistles (vibration, elevates head and feet), but I rarely use them. It's just the mattress that has made all the difference. I often thank God for it when I say my prayers at night. It has literally changed my life. I am often in pain, but sleep wonderfully at night. I sleep all night long most of the time and it is only when I get out of bed that I notice pain again. I went 15 years waking up 2-3 times most nights in horrendous pain. I use to have many tearful nights. This has been a miracle and a game changer for me. I wish every AS sufferer could afford a bed like mine. I bought a new bed hoping it would help multiple times, but this is the only bed that actually did.