Orch good to see you though sorry to learn that yr son has a recent diagnosis for AS. Darn this disease. At least he has you to guide him.

Oddly, you were right on the ball - was about to ask about any spondys with a + Dx of MS! I threw a major wobbly the other week and an MRI showed what is a very 'probable' Dx os MS. Am nonplussed. From where did this spring ? So was going to ask 'how many spondys here with such a dx ?' I know that the two can be bedfellows !
Orch - was yr MS triggered by biologics ?
Trying to find a trigger point on this, though was never on the bios myself.
Any info useful - my thanks-
Molly C - Keeping on,Keeping on- as we all do smile

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS