Hello !

I've stepped back into the forum because I want to get back on the No Starch Diet. I was good for a few years but age and laziness have my health, .. not so good. I've tried a few diets and a few Protocols but I've just decided to come back to the NSD. It feels so easy to slip back into without having to relearn, or count. Man,.. I hate counting things just to eat.

Feels quite quiet around here, but I do have a question about Nightshades. Has anyone found anymore solid evidence these should be left out of the NSD. I just read, (but no evidence) that they cause Vitamin D3 to act different and hold calcium in soft tissue and cartilage. I was surprised I never read more about this, and them, the first go around 10 years ago.

Anyway, hello again to anyone still around from about *cough cough* years ago. Lord, where has the time gone,..



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