Time constraints keep me from checking in here as often as before. Stability in the disease has been a part of that, too. Had to take about 2 yrs off biologic due to a combination of problems (pneumonia, followed by a couple of persistent lung nodules which had to be worked up and followed for 2 yrs. Then broke my foot in 5 places when I fainted during a trip to the potty in the middle of the night. That took over a year to heal, including use of a bone-growth stimulator.) Those 2 yrs were miserable, given I was back on essentially no treatment but MTX and I was progressed in severity from when I first began treatments. But after that 2 yrs was finally up, got back on the usual treatments again and things are back to as stable as is possible. Still working full time, but looking forward to retiring in about 3 yrs when I make 65. With any luck, I might be able to cut hours back to 32/week and still keep benefits in the last year. While it might not be as active as it was in the days when I joined up, there are good people here sharing great information as to how they are slaying the beast. Keep on kicking, all of you.

DX: Psoriatic Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis
Meds: MTX since Oct 2009, 15mg/week. Cimzia-restarted after 2 yrs away.
Epidural Steroid Injections x8; Lumbar Radiofreq Ablation x2
SIJ Steroid Injection x3; Bilateral Radiofreq Ablation SIJ x9