Well where to start. First I forgot to reply to a post asking how long I was strict NSD. It was around five years, I think being allergic to nsaids helped with the healing of my gut. Moving on to the now news in my life. In september I had my shoulder repaired bicep tendon tore off rotater cuff repaired. I ended up with blood clots in my lungs. Just about exited to the other side. I had two ct scans plus xrays and two mri's. Unintended discovery was a small lump on my left kidney. Which was in a scan from three years earlier but unnoticed.

Went to Huntsman diagnosed as a slow growing cancer. Three options watch it for a few years, kill it with needles 20 percent chance of coming back or take it off the kidney. Doctor said this type of cancer is very slow growing with no symptoms, finding It was very lucky. Ten years from now poor chance of survival. It is small in size. Funny how a blood clot may save your life.

The real reason for this post is that all of the scans and Mri's show no progression of skeletal damage from AS. I am rather excited about that.

I am thankful I found this place it has changed my life profoundly. I could spend all day thanking everyone for their help. They are across the ocean, in Canada, South America and here in the Usa. I think of you all more than you know even though I don't post as often.