Bordeaux - WOW. Fab area. Can get very hot down there, then have freezing spells in winter, very dry area. Is about a 7 hour train journey from me, so, takes a day to get there. Change of trains.
Beautiful countryside, great shops...good food. Good place to live, though expensive - many Brits !!
I live in Brittany, North/West, not far from Rennes, Bordeaux is down South.
At the moment or schools are on strike, a series of one day strikes. Haven't caught up with the latest news yet, will find out more tomorrow, when I can get to a news stand/or on line.
I'm supposed to be walking an hour a day. Have sprung a leak in me feet, plantafaciitis, and what looks like tarsal tunnel syndrome, together with a large medial osteophyte. Sigh. Rather put paid to walking. Got inner soles, custom made - neat. Should help, but will not be able to do that much walking. Will give em a test out / trial in the evening, when I take a friend's dog for its walk. Stuff that happens...<LOL>
Heigh gal, Keeping on, innit smile
Take care -

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS