Hey Team! roll

I've still been swimming e/o day and walking in between. I apologize for slacking so much this past year, but have just been so busy with work and school.

4 days per week I get to watch my littlest grandson and on Saturdays we take the 5 year old to do something fun. I'm just finishing up my thesis for my MA, and starting my PhD program soon after.

My MD has quit giving me cholesterol tests because I've refused to take statins. Instead she's having me take garlic, D3, plant sterols, fish oil, and walk/swim 300 minutes per week.

I hope everyone is moving! Here's some news Exercise and Arthritis.

I really like the way these hip exercises loosen up my joints.

Gotta admit it's been WAY easier to stay motivated while I've been in remission than when I wasn't.

Anyway, peace and happiness to you all!

Gooooooo TEAM! clap :cheerleader

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