I don't post a lot but I do check in regularly.

I am Keith Smith, 46 and a teacher in Sydney, Australia (although I am originally from the home of bread and potatoes, Newcastle, England).

This is a brief outline of my experiences of NSD.

2009 AS began to dominate my life.
December 2009 began NSD diet and immediate progress but not remission.
2010 experimented with antibiotics...reasonable progress.
2010 to 2012 good progress but still troubled by iritis and SI pain.
2012 gave up beer...no more iritis. Paleo auto-immune protocol (full on but beneficial).
2013 started LDN...steady improvement and by 2014 full remission.
2014 September...stopped taking LDN. No change. Still in remission.

The take home message is cut out beer, be patient, LDN helps take the edge off a hyper alert immune system and finally stick to NSD.

These days I am LSD...cooked greens (brussels etc...), lots of nuts, copious avocados, solid paleo foods, cider instead of beer but I haven't tried medium to high starch foods. I am a little reluctant for obvious reasons. In the longer term sweet potatoes and rice would be great but I am patient.

My regimen is lots of magnesium citrate, 5 TBS of Acacia Senegal (to feed my good bugs), Prescript Assist and I am experimenting with other probiotics. In the past I have reacted to sauerkraut but that is next on my list.

Every one is different but that is my story. If you are a non-believer swallow your pride, cut out the "good stuff" and embrace the paleo diet. If it doesn't work go paleo auto-immune. If that doesn't work try antibiotics. Failing that try LDN. But most importantly BE PATIENT. It takes time.

I am playing football, swimming, running and hoping to do a triathlon in the new year.

Happy NSD and a big thank you to people like Kiwi, John (Dragonslayer), Dotyisle, Louise (Inkyfingers) and other absolute heroes who run this site. Guys you are making a real difference to people's lives, especially mine!

Go KickAS!

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