AS Family

Today was awful. A motorcyclist going about 45 mph rearended us. I was at a full stop on a county highway with my signal to turn left on. I was stopped waiting for a different motorcyclist in the oncoming lane to pass us by. I looked in the rearview mirror just as the motorcyclist crashed into us. Lucky we were in a one gas station one bar town so 911 was called right away and we were able to get ice and towels for his bleeding forehead and eye. He was not wearing a helmet. My wife is a nurse and was asking him questions and I was holding his hand. The owner of the bar and his friend directed traffic till the police and paramedics came. We heard later that they had to Flight for Life him to another hospital.

Please pray for this motorcyclist tonight. His name is Jeff.

My wife, daughter and me were not injured.

Thank you all.

I can not defeat you but I will not let you win


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