Hi Everyone!!! smile

Just got back from the eye doctor for a follow up. I can stop using the drops that keep my right eye permanently dilated and will have to continue on the prednislone drops for another month. My pharmacy ran out of the drops for the dilation but they called another pharmacy across town and I was able to pick them up there. A real pain driving in the sun with an eye dilated.

I was under the impression since I was HLA-B27 negative that I would not have eye problems. I don't know why I thought that. Did I read that somewhere or is it just something I thought up on my own...don't know.

Anyway smile

I am still working afternoons two days a week when I can. Luckily I have plug in heated booties to keep my feet from going numb from cold. They also help with the foot pain.

Can't wait till winter is over (are you sick of it?) Can't keep up with the excema. Have a topical ointment but new patches are cropping up almost daily.

Still going to the pool for arthritis classes but missed last week...too darn cold to want to go outside.

Stay warm and as pain free as possible everyone !!! smile

I can not defeat you but I will not let you win


Degenrative disc disease 2005
AS 2008 HLA-B27-
Fibromyalgia 2010
Disability 2012
Back to work part time 2013
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