Hi Everyone,

Things didn't go quite as planned today. First off it was a gorgeous sunny Fall day today. It got up to about 41F. and there was no wind. Today was the day I was going to trim the apple tree in the back yard. I had trimmed a lot of it with the hand pruner but it was not going to work on the thicker branches that are going straight up or touching the neighbor's roof. Some of the branches are starting to pull on the cable lines running across our yard too. I had taken an extra painkiller. It always helps if I am taking a car ride or working in the yard.

I got out the ladder and the trusty electric chain saw and cut the first four branches without a problem. The fifth branch was in a tight spot and I didn't wait long enough for the chain to stop before reaching for a branch that was hanging on the cable line.

Cut a big slice just above the wrist. At first I thought it was just a scratch but it was laid open pretty good. Luckily we live 2 minutes from the hospital. One tetanus shot and six stiches later I walked out and walked home. Earlier I had asked my wife if she would drive home and pick up the "crime scene", along with all those beautiful apples from the top of the tree.

I came home to dinner and 2 grocery bags half filled with apples. one bag will go to the horses at Free Spirit Riders. A locally supported horse farm for cognitively and physically disabled children to go and ride. My daughter used to go there and it is such a great program.

Haven't decided what to do with the other bag of apples.... any ideas??? wink

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