Hey Everybody!!!

Hope I don't gross you out with this post.

On Tuesday of last week I noticed a rash on both feet where my sandal straps are and thought it might be a heat rash or more psoriasis so I didn't do anything with it.

Had my Enbrel shot on Thursday. On Saturday I woke up and most of my toes and the sides of my feet were covered and blotchy red....AND the burning and itching were terrible.

Went and bought the spray and it is improving. I think the Enbrel caused it to spread so quickly because of my suppressed immune system.
Seems I have a lot of skin issues

Any thoughts or opinions?

Doing well otherwise. One more 4 hour work day then don't go back till next Wednesday. Going up North for 4 days. Time to slow down. Swim at the lake if it is hot or stay in the cabin and read if it's raining. Either way I will be one happy camper. I don't always make it to the Labor Day Concert either but I do all right staying back at the cabin and being there with my daughter and my dog.

Hope every one has a great Labor Day!!! smile

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