Hi everyone

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have been unseasonably cold here so haven't spent as much time in the pool that I would like. Work is going good. I do love the challenge of getting everything done that I had planned on getting done. Twelve hours a week is just about right. Only a few more months and done till May of next year. Looking forward to that too.

Well I got shampoo in my eye and figured that was what was causing the eye pain but after a week of pain I knew something was up. I called my eye specialist this morning and she got me in right away knowing all the potential problems I could have. She asked me if I had been out in the sun because the outer layer of the eye was inflamed and damaged. She put me on predisolone eye drops for the next couple days till I see her again on Friday. One of the problems with taking pain killers is that you don't always feel pain when you should feel it so that you know if something is wrong. Hope the drops work. Also being referred to a surgeon to remove the tiny pampaloma virus warts surrounding and on my eye lids. I have at least twenty of them. Some more noticeable than others.

Hope my son gets a plane ticket soon. We have plans on Labor Day that he is supposed to be included in. It has been about two years since I have seen him.

Take care everyone!! smile


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