ugh... woke up with a crick in my neck that just gets worse. feels like a nerve going to my funny bone got involved. can't move my neck or much on my left side. thought my previous pains were bad, but Im not gonna lie. This time, i really want to die, it's so bad.

Physical Therapist only makes it worse. Helps when he puts my head into traction, but it comes back when he lets go.

I've NEVER cried in front of a 'stranger' ever in my life. Until Monday, curled up into a ball of sobbing fire.

TENS unit seems to help take the edge off, but not enough or constant. Started a muscle relaxer to see what happens. seems nothing is stopping the fire. OMG.

~ Trudi: homeschooling mom to 6: 16,14,11,9,7, 6 mos