Hiya.. Congrats! Babies are FUN!
I've had milk issues too. Never been determined why. Some I had plenty at first but by fourth month, things dried up. Could be hormonal cuz I usually started my period pretty quick after birthing. Could be low thyroid (I have autoimmune hashi's), could be stress, diet, spondy, who knows. I don't think anyone really knows. This time around, I am pretty sad to be losing my milk due to high stress.

I found a baby formula supplement recipe on Nourishing Traditions book & website that is MUCH better than the store bought formula. A lotta work each day, but seems to be worth it. Bubs seems to be doing well on it. He had a lot of gas while nursing. Probably due to gall bladder issues I seem to have.

Anyway, not much help here. I don't think the mysteries of our bodies will ever be fully known! Give chewy kisses to your little one!!

~ Trudi: homeschooling mom to 6: 16,14,11,9,7, 6 mos